Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hanging Furry Mauve Elves

  • After looking at one this weekend at the flea market, I had a thought that a drafting table might not be a bad thing for me to use as an art 'station'. Something that could be adjusted to a varitety of working angles would be nice. Gonna check with the sister-in-law and see what she wants for hers, since she's not using it.
  • Unfortunately, the cat is neither ugly nor mean. He is also unafraid of dogs. Reka, on the other hand, is a bit skittish aound him. Lucy is interested but dismissive. Gracie really wants to play with the cat, I think. Never before have I seen a cat roll over on it's back to accept attention from a dog. We're still not sure if Sheri is allergic or not. Very few people want a male cat, and so far none want one that hasn't been fixed, chipped, and immunized. I am not liking the direction that this is heading in.
  • Once again, wood chips litter the floor of the studio. Got a little more than two months to go.
  • I'm wondering how fate will choose to poop on my day off this week.
  • Good to be hearing from Kittyluv again!
  • The most summer-like stretch of weather is supposed to be upon us this week, and my bike still hasn't made it down from the ceiling of the garage. Of course, the chorus of voices railing against my nighttime travels has gotten louder. I may just grudgingly accept their estimation of the stupidity of others and return to my planet-polluting-commuting method. Of course, having narrowly missed being mechanically mangled a while back, I find I have no firm thoughts on which mode of transportation is really safer.
  • I still need to run all the remaining gas out of the snowblower.
  • I haven't even gotten to the point of getting the run-around from someone else's insurance company. My own is doing a pretty good job of not telling me what's going on. Meanwhile, my car sits unfixed.
  • Unripe avocados are about impossible to work with. And they don't really taste like much of anything, either.
  • The more I look at my work schedule for June, the less I think I like it. Not a huge amount of inspirational time available.

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