Thursday, October 28, 2010

Too Early on A Thursday...

*OK, so what the Hell is wrong with me? (waits for chorus of shouted answers to die down) You don't dig up something that died years ago. You leave it alone. Period. End of story. But, for some reason, I can't do that. Just have to keep picking at the edges of that scab until it starts to bleed some more. If nothing else, I should have learned at the reunion how fleeting my presence was. So why the fuck do I keep chasing this around? What is there that I need to learn from this that hasn't sunk in quite yet? And why does seeing her picture after all these years still make my heart fall into the pit of my stomach? But it's like I never existed. One more thing I can just pull my hair out over. Fuck me. There is no logical reason for this. None. But dammit, there she is. I have too much going on this week to be getting distracted, but after who knows how many years, seeing a goddamn picture of her made my head spin. And it was the eyes. I knew it was her when I saw the eyes. Shit. Yet another good sign that I need to kick up my dosage several notches. The rest of my outside life is in the hands of the printer right now, which makes me quite uneasy. And, I've been cooped up in this house too long. Maybe I'll see if Bart wants to head out for a while tomorrow. The concept of the Mid-Life crisis has been a subject of contemplation lately. Can I put aside my love of stuff and be what I think I should be, or do I submit to the system and be a good little drone? Soylent Green is made of people. Nobody wants to hear that though. Once again, kicking rocks over the edge of the precipice wondering what they feel when they hit the bottom. Is there any satisfaction beyond creating? Are they watching from their shadowy corners? Has my fate been decided for me? Should I get food from Portillo's or Schnuck's for the event this weekend? I get why I couldn't be with her then, and I am still fighting that same fucking war right now. What is wrong with me?? Are the meds the issue, or is it some part of me that's afraid to die? What did Bill manage to scar that badly? Do my parents ever wonder about me? Why can't I figure out what it is that I'm supposed to be? And more importantly, when does the clock run out?

Friday, October 15, 2010

Bunion Flavored Vodka

*I think I can easily say that this month has, thus far, not been a shining example of my greatest of days.

*Off to the Chef this weekend to spend some time with my FOM family! Since I won't be able to make it to the next meeting, I guess I'll have to make this one count for double. And, since 88 is all torn up with late season construction, Sheri wants to find another way to get there. She had mentioned taking 90, but that's WAY out of the way. So, I'll be doing some Mapquesting before we head out tomorrow. I figure there's gotta be a way to take 39 over to some common N/S highway. And, depending on when we get back into town, we might just head over to the after party over at Leslie's. It's looking more and more like I'm going to be writing off a large chunk of my Sunday morning to napping and dosing with Tylenol.

*I now have my first art piece hanging in a semi-public place. Response thus far has been minimal, but fairly positive. The comparisons to Van Gogh I don't get.

*What's a party without a little drama, eh? Guess I'll find out before too long. But, as I tend to be Captain Oblivious most of the time, I probably wouldn't know it if I saw it. Maybe if I tripped over it, but not so much if I just kinda glanced at it from across the room.

*Once again I feel that I must stress how ridiculous it is that I am having a hard time finding H'ween decorations, yet the holiday is still more than 2 weeks away. Not to mention that the selections I have run across have been sparse, repetitive, and of low quality. Have picked up a few things, but just nothing really amazing.

*I really don't get why people are so crazy about Fat Tire. It's really not all that great. Neither is Hex from Magic Hat. Not that they're horrible, just more that I put them in the 'Blah Beer' file. Krankshaft Kolsch Ale is good, but I actually like the Dundee Kolsch a little bit better. Now I just have to find an IPA that I really like. And I need to try some Chimay as well. Storm King Imperial Stout is still at the top of my list, though.

*It really sucks when you have a great practical joke you could play on one of your neighbors, but they also just so happen to be the most highly armed people in the neighborhood.

*My vacation time for next year has been approved! Ohana 2011, here I come!! SWEEEEEET!!!

*This weekend is not only DeKalb HS homecoming, but NIU's homecoming as well. I'm betting there will be non-stop police and paramedic action all weekend. Bars open at 0600 on Saturday, so that should help. Makes me glad I won't be at work. I also plan to avoid the entire SW corner of town until at least Monday morning.

*Why would it be inconceivable that I would send someone flowers??

*It never fails to amaze me how some things are even more tasty when seen close up. Head swimmingly so, at times.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Paper Clips and String Cheese

*Red Palms FOM chapter meeting this Saturday at Chef Shangri-La in North Riverside!! Drop by for a Dr. Fong, some awesome hot and sour soup, the free raffle, and live music from Hillbilly Idle!

*October 30. That's the day to drop by and hang out for a while in the Blue Moai Lounge. Meet some new folks, have some interesting conversations (whether you want to or not), and enjoy some rum-based cocktails. What's not to like?

*How can you not love it when a free bottle of rum appears on your doorstep?

*Three of the six elements are basically complete. That didn't stop me from having a mild panic attack the other day after being sideswiped by an overwhelming sense of impossibility.

*The TV is slowly dying, leading me/us to say that we will NEVERNEVERNEVERNEVERNEVER ever again buy a Westinghouse TV. Frickin piece of crap. It has also lead to the possibility of a sooner-rather-than-later redesign of the entire living room. That does not make me overly happy on any front.

*Between the swift change in the temperature and the recent visit by Teminix, the are things dropping all over the place outside the house, be it leaves or dead box elder bugs. You just can't walk anywhere without something crunching underfoot.

*There are some people who just can't wear yellow. I like the ones that can.

*Samuel Smith's Oatmeal Stout used to be the greatest beer in the world to me. The one I had last night I found to be rather disappointing. As usual, in my haste and youth, I was most likely incorrect. I have recently discovered that the greatest beer in the world could most likely be Victory Brewing's Storm King Imperial Stout. Feel free to try and prove me wrong.

*I have come to the conclusion that I really dislike 90+% of the perfumes out on the market right now. That covers both male and female perfumes. I also find that I dislike 90+% of the people who have no concept of just how much of their rancid smelling perfume they are actually wearing.

*I need to go get some more dust masks.Or I need to get some new lungs. One of those two choices I know I can get one at Menard's.

*Got the costume selected for H'ween. I did see a great idea for one online today, but I simply do not have the time to get it done. Maybe I'll just make it for kicks. Anyway, the one I selected for this year involves having facial hair. Now, there's 2 ways to go with that: grow your own, or glue some on. I hate spirit gum. I hate working with fake beards. Therefore, I also have to put up with the hateful itchy period of beard growth. And now there's an awful lot of gray in there too.

*"Get Him to the Greek" was fricking hilarious. Even Sheri was laughing out loud in spite of herself. Between that and "The Hangover" I'm beginning to wonder what's going on. Have R rated comedies gotten better, or are my standards tumbling?

*Do three thumbs up balance out a rousing round of indifference? Haven't quite decided yet.



(Originally written October 4, 2010)

*Had a pretty decent weekend, not taking the weather into account. Cruised the H'ween stores in St. Charles, which was pretty much a let-down. Lots and lots of costumes. We came to the decision that they just need to have a 'Slutty' section. Not a lot of neat decor stuff. The gargantuan spider got nixed, as did the wide variety of zombie babies. Found out that the stuff used in the foggers gives her a headache and makes me short of breath, so it's good we didn't get one of those last year. All this anamatronic stuff they have out now is just expensive, loud, and annoying. Some of it to the tune of $300+. I came to the comclusion that I do pretty well with skeletons and jack-o-lanterns.

*The Tag-Alongs have finally resurfaced, albeit briefly.Good to know they survived their transplant.

*Had a string of good days lately, only to be followed up by finding out that I only have a partial refill left on my meds. That makes an encounter with Mike in the near future a certainty. Yay.

*Got to do the artwork on the boards, after which comes the box. Along the way, proofs should be being approved and things should be rolling along.

*Can't be a beatnik without bongos, right? Therefore, I will be getting some bongos. And since I had to do some extra downtime Sunday morning thanks to my run-in with Bart's blender, I missed the flea market. Therefore, I will be getting a new set. Coolsville, daddy-o!

*Sheri woke to let the dogs out the other morning, and reported a good covering of frost on everything. That lead me to ask when I had to be out of the garage. The answer was no later than Thanksgiving, which was nmore generous than I was expecting.

*If your mind is elsewhere when you're stropping a chisel, you will most likely cut yourself. Trust me, I know this.