Thursday, December 23, 2010

Good King Whats-His-Face

(originally written 12.20.10)

*Not that I don't understand that the holiday is coming up, but does every car owner in Dekalb county need to be out driving around today?? Not that I would usually care, but they're getting in my way.

*Started a couple of new project folders today, one for Eve and one for Amy. Seemed like it might be a good way to keep the series files for ongoing projects organized, but they're just manila folders. It's not like I can put a canvas in there or anything. Guess the best I can hope for is to be able to keep track of what number I'm working on when I switch back and forth between series. Even managed to get some color laid in on a new piece today. Pretty soon I'm going to have to figure out how to do some hard mounts for all these works I have done on paper. Or maybe I'll switch over to working on masonite or some such thing.

*There should be no real way you can injure yourself with an empty, cold teapot. But, somehow, I managed to do just that.

*Finally did some rearranging in the garage so I'm not tripping over stuff in there. Managed to do the same thing down in the studio, as well. There's still a bunch of stuff in the garage I need to get rid of, but that will happen with the annual spring purge. I think I now have the inside space set up decently for carving, so now I just need to figure out what I'm going to work on and when I need to have it done by. I know I'll need some things for the Chef, probably some for Ohana, and if Tropical Tails is happening this year, I'll need something for that as well. And, if I actually intend on building the bar downstairs, that's some more work that will need to get done.

*Managed to pull a couple of nice Treasure Craft fish platters out of the back of a cabinet at CJ's. Unfortunately, they only had the big one and the small one. The mid-sized one was MIA. These are the red/yellow/white ones, not the blue/green/white ones that I really like. Still, they're in really nice shape, and I don't currently have any of them in my collection. That is to say that I didn't have any of them in my collection until I bought these.

*I can't find the picture, and that is making me quite pissed. But, finding the picture would just let me copy the picture, and part of the idea behind the created image is the degradation of memory. You'd think that after 20 some odd year of keeping something that you wouldn't just up and loose it, though.


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