Thursday, January 22, 2009

Riddled With Persimmons

**Fandom or Fan Dumb?
Some purchases I made over the past couple of weeks have made me start to question my position on things.

**Marsha, Marsha, Marsha
"Woah, not since the Brady Bunch went to Hawaii episode have I seen a TIKI so cool........" An exact quote, and the oddest compliment I have received in quite some time, courtesy of one of the folks at TAILS upon getting a picture I sent them of the finished tiki that I'm donating. (see previous post)

**6 Down
Thus far, six boxes full of various things have left the house in the form of donations. A slight clearing is starting to become noticeable in the downstairs clutter.

**I still have no bongo drums.

**Spamsicles And Zomig
The next wave of Arctic coldness is due to settle into the area starting Friday night and continuing through the weekend. That would be the weekend I have off. That would also be the weekend we're supposed to go see Spamalot. Go figure. The original plan was to take the train into Chicago and then just toddle around for a bit until it was time for the show. I have no intention of doing any toddling whatsoever in sub-zero temperatures. The notion of driving in has also reared it's head, for reasons I'm not quite sure of. And just to complicate things even further, Sheri is in the midst of another one of her digestive episodes. If that continues, that would most likely knock going to Trader Vic's off the list. I was already banking on her getting a migraine at some point during the Chicago excursion, but this recurrent stomach issue has the potential to kill our weekend plans, and who knows how much else, completely. A hospital stay for her would certainly eliminate our chances at a matinee. The flip side would be shuffling around downtown Chicago half frozen with an incredibly stubborn someone who's nearly doubled over with pain and trying to not vomit. At the moment, I find that I am not holding on to great hopes for a positive outcome to the weekend.

**Unexpected Hotness
What is up with Facebook this week?? My list of friends is enjoying a surge of attractive female additions, from high school crushes to ex-lab employees. I'm just tickled pink. Nor would I mind horribly being tickled by any one of them. Just saying....

**Trending Lower
Sheri's work schedule continues to thin out as her client's holiday bills start coming due, and the economy continues to slide. Some people are increasing the amount of time between their appointments, while others are just stopping altogether. Both of which end up having a negative impact on our cash flow, which in turn makes me quite cranky.

**Seek And Ye Shall Find. But Do You Want To?
Must be that time of year again. Having random thoughts wondering about my birth parents. In the end, I just fall back to the position that if either one of them wanted to know who I was, they'd have made an effort to find me by now. If they're alive. The nice thing about thinking about it that way is that it lets me play the hapless victim. I don't really have to acknowledge that the whole notion of meeting either one of those people is somewhat terrifying. Nor do I have to put any effort forth. I can just blame two total strangers for not incurring all the costs and enduring all the emotions involved with finding me. Sounds fair, right?

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