Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Giant Cyborg Earwigs

**No, No, NO!
I sat down at the bench in my studio today with the thought that I might get some sketch work done. I was hoping to at least find a kernel of an idea that I could flesh out. Nothing really struck me, even with the aid of a rather large cup of coffee. I resorted to scanning through old ideas in one of my notebooks to see if something would jump out at me. I eventually settled on reworking a previous sketch. Instead of going the more organic abstract way that I've been using lately, I thought it would be fun to go back to more of a tribal style like I had been doing previously. I was further amused by the notion that the person the sketch was based on seems to be quite a ways out from anything tribal that I can see. So, I was amused and interested all at once. Then I started to try and rework the lines. It became quite apparent that I was quite out of practice with that technique. I had the damndest time trying to get anything to flow right. Plus I couldn't really decide what was going to be the positive space and what was going to be the negative. After more erasing and resketching, I kinda gave up. My attention drifted to this month's Games magazine, and thus ended my artistic efforts for the day. I'm hoping to go back to that piece in a day or two. Maybe all it needs is a total reworking. And maybe all I need is to have my head examined. Again.

**Swing Those Arms!
I'm in the midst of an experiment to see if moving my daily workout to a time slot right before I get ready for work will be helpful. Hoping it will give me a bit of a afternoon boost and cut down on my need for coffee. Of course, if it ends up being fatigue as a result of boredom, working out won't really help that. So now 1330 will find me stomping along on the treadmill, watching a movie or whatever, and swinging my scrawny arms while clutching my little dumbbells. I look like such a geek it simply can't be described with any words known to mortal man. On the up side, I am told that my rather minimal buttocks have become pleasantly firm.

**Snow? What snow? A blast of spring like weather has removed just about all the snow we had. Oh, darn.

**Even after a week off, dropping back into the swing of things at work seemed to be fairly easy. My only concerns at the moment are my vast and blatant ignorance of the new reference lab stuff, and the CAP surveys that seem to be breeding out of control in my file folder.

Even though the snow has vanished, it had been replaced with something far more annoying: mud. Lots and lots of mud. Wiping off one dozen dog paws multiple times a day is also starting to lose it's charm. Makes me wish I had coffee colored carpet. Amazingly few surfaces in thew house have been spared the dogs' dirt signature. In the forecast: more rain. I can hardly wait.

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