Sunday, February 1, 2009

Shark On The Ceiling

**Won't be too long now until I can consider my vacation officially started. Once I clock out of work tonight, the next seven and a half days will in no way revolve around good ol' KCH. Instead, things will be revolving around the ever growing list of tasks I hope/need to accomplish around the house. I doubt that any of it will prove to be amusing, but that's what I get for letting all the crap tasks pile up for months. Plus I think they're breeding. But, I do need to make some time to get out of the house and get a little amusement, or by the end of the week I could end up being more than a little stir crazy.

**The work has started on my first 'commission' piece. I'm getting the general idea that it may end up looking a tad gargoylesque, but then that's my take on the suggested subject matter, and a limitation of the material I'm using. I'm hoping this week off will come in handy for making some inroads to getting this done in a timely manner.

**Kinda weird and just a bit on the freaky side that I should be able to identify a compilation of old Roy Clark songs. Guess all that Hee Haw I was exposed to as a child had some lasting effect after all. Sa-lute!

**Will it be calm and dry enough out tonight for my original prank idea, which was postponed last night due to dampness, or will I have to resort to plan B? It might be just warm enough to build a snowman, but would that really have the same impact as the sticky notes? Maybe I'll just flip a coin on my way out the door to decide. Either way, I suspect I will be getting a text right around 2330 or so.

**Here it is, Superbowl Sunday, and there aint a single, solitary wardrobe malfunction in sight.

**A very active night of dreaming last night, and I have no idea why. Apparently I also woke Sheri up twice by talking in my sleep. One of those times I actually remember. Guess it was really important that I tell Kim to go let that kid out of the suitcase. It was a veritable nightlong smorgasbord of REM weirdness.

**Anyone up for ping pong?

**Why is it that the largest dog we have is also the quietest puker ever in the history of dogdom? Zoë you could hear getting ready to puke all the way in Wisconsin. Sometimes even in Minnesota, if the wind was right. That extra thirty seconds of warning time kept many a stain off the carpet. Didn't do much for the deck, but that could be hosed off. Unfortunately, Gracie is a stealth puker. And she likes to eat sticks. Can't digest them, but loves to eat them. And, unlike Zoë, or even Reka, Gracie's size doesn't lend her to being easily tucked under one arm, dashed down the hall, and chucked out the back door. So, you never know when you might walk down the hall to step in a warm squishy spot topped with some nice bits of shredded bark and frothy mucus.

**Dammit, I forgot to put air in my tire again.

**Only like six moves into the game and I'm down a pawn already. Not really a good opening on my part.

**I'm thinking I may start with an online gallery of my Hawaiian shirt collection. Aloha!

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