Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cursed Crushed Canteloupe Cuttings

*Nothing like one of those out-of-nowhere thunderstorms on a hot day. Literally went from bright and sunny when I was pulling out of the driveway at home to thunder, lightning, and pouring down rain before I even made it to work (which is a mere 10 minutes away). Always nice to walk into an air conditioned building soaking wet on just one side of your body and even then only from the chest down.

*The first Mai Tai Tuesday at the Blue Moai Room went off pretty well. Attendance was a tad on the low side, but it was sort of impromptu event. And, due to my lack of diligent pre-event shopping, as well as my less than stellar barkeeping skills, the mai tais were made from a pre-bottled mix (I know, I know. Just don't hate me for it). Still, they were quite tasty, not overly powerful, and the perfect size (based on my Trader Vic's recipe) to fit in my tiki coffee mug. I'm thinking another one or two of those would be quite pleasant on any hot summer day. Or tonight after work. Or with Cheerios. Maybe even on Cheerios. Anyway, I'm not totally locked into the concept of 'Mai Tai Tuesday'. Mai Tai Monday actually makes for better alliteration, in my book. 'Mai Tai Thursday' just sounds blah. I guess I just don't see the reason to limit what days you make your mai tais available. That would then make every day a mai tai day at the Blue Moai Room. At least until I learn to mix some other drinks.

*Can't believe I almost forgot the Pirate Queen's birthday. Guess that means that Facebook was actually good for something out in the real world after all.

*Might be heading back into the Chef this Sunday to meet up with a few FOM members. Be good to make some inroads with the guy I think is either the leader of the Red Palms chapter, or just the guy who organizes the monthly get-togethers at the Chef. If I do that, then I could bump the number of members I know by sight (and almost by name) to a grand total of 4. Maybe 5. But, as of the moment, plans really aren't solid. So it is quite possible there will be no hot and sour soup for me on Sunday. (pout)

*Crap. I may have gotten hooked on "Lost".

*The outside temp has popped up above 85 degrees during the day, which I normally see as a good thing. The problem seems to be the temperature at night. And it doesn't even appear that it's the outdoor temperature that's the real issue. Seems that the Boss is having some uncontrollable internal heat surges of her own, so there's no temperature that she finds comfortable for sleeping. She gets hot, kicks off all the covers, and then freezes. Thus, there has been no agreement as to what temperature the thermostat should be set for. And my threats of going and sleeping in the studio are becoming less and less farfetched.

*Once again the juxtaposition of various circumstances at work has led me to seriously consider the viability of a job and/or career change.

*I have way too many options when it comes to places online where I can post pictures. I also have way too little time to keep every site updated with my most current pics. So, I think I'm going to limit myself to posting pics on Flickr. I'll just post links everywhere else.

*I just can't seem to get poetry of any sort to come together in my brain. Don't know if I'm just out of practice, or if I'm just not in a 'poetry frame of mind' lately. I mean, there really do seem to be times when I'm just mentally geared towards doing a particular type of thing. This becomes quite obvious when I get my latest issue of Games magazine. There are times when I can just whip through the crosswords with little or no effort. Other times I just sit there with my mouth hanging open like a total idiot, unable to solve even the simplest clue. But, if that is the case, I can usually find something that clicks with my current mindset be it a math puzzle, a logic problem, or something to do with placement or arrangement. Therefore, it could very well be that I'm not in a poetry minded state right now. Doesn't mean that a little practice wouldn't hurt, though.

*The Escape has been evicted, and once again, the garage has now become my summer studio. Therefore, it is a mess already. Not that it wasn't a mess before, but now it's a different kind of mess. But it's nice to be able to get back to working outside. And to be able to get all my carving projects into one place. And to start yet another project, even though I'm not done with any of my other ones. I am discovering that even with the lift kit I built for the Workmate, I am still hunched over just enough when carving to really set my back off the next day. I had the brilliant idea that I should look into getting a scissor lift to use as my work table. The kind of thing that you'd use to work on motorcycles and ATVs and the like. Cost, of course, will be the big issue with something like that though. Also depends on just how high you can get them to go up. Probably just be cheaper to jack everything up with 2x4s until I get things to the right height. But yes, I did indeed start another project. I had intended on using is as a fairly blatant bribe for the FOM folks the next time we get together at the Chef. The stock I was using is some really old wood of indeterminate type that the previous owners of my house had been using as shelving. Really light, neat brown color, and as dry as a saltine in the Sahara. What I didn't realize before I started was that the board was slightly cupped. Since I started working on the concave side if the board, the force that I was using to chisel into the wood was slowly opening up lengthwise through-and-through cracks. Started out with one, now there's at least two, and I'm maybe only 30% done with the piece. I have no idea if I can finish the carving to the depth I had wanted to without splitting the piece in two (or three, or four) from top to bottom. All the figure lines are in, but there's some surface damage and the only way I can get rid of it is to work down the surface of the wood. Not sure if I can finish it without destroying it, so it's off to the side right now until how I figure out to proceed. Which means that I may have to devise some other means of bribing the FOM folks.

*DVD: "It's Complicated"
Yes, it is. Life and love and all the stuff that goes with it is indeed quite complicated. The Boss asked me if I wanted to see this movie, and seemed surprised when I told her that I did. Most of the reason I wanted to see it was because Steve Martin was in it, but she still seemed confused that I would want to watch what she called a 'chick flick'. So I watched it. And, in my opinion, this is not a chick flick. It does center around relationships and love, but lacks the smarm and overly abundant sap of what I consider to be your typical 'chick flick'. I'd have to put this one on the shelf with the likes of "Lost In Translation", "Up in the Air", and "Shopgirl". The situations are a bit closer to real life, and because of that, they're a bit more distressing because the end result seems fairly apparent. I find myself liking this new type of storytelling. But, if you still want to call it a 'chick flick', go ahead. Won't stop me from liking it.


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