Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Antiquated Arboreal Elf Droppings

*I was not aware that they had picked up the entire state of Illinois and dropped it out in the Pacific Northwest, but the near endless rain and unreasonably cool temps are making me think that is exactly what has happened. I would think at the very least they could have put us down on the leeward side.

*At the suggestion of the Boss, I find myself considering getting a screen door for the garage. I had dismissed the notion at first, but now I'm thinking that would be a good way for me to extend my night time work time without being devoured by mosquitoes. It could also end up being the Blue Moai Annex on balmy summer or cool fall evenings. Wouldn't be too hard to set up a table and some chairs out there (and a bar) to be able to sit around and play cards or something along those lines, either.

*It has come to my attention that The Doors are a really good group to listen to while you're cruising around in your car at night.

*I don't think that bourbon is going to become a friend of mine anytime soon. Mai tai mix and rum I may have to start buying by the case, though. Not sure what to make of Pimm's yet. I don't get much beyond an orange flavor. The Boss compared it to root beer. All I know for sure is that it disappears in ginger ale. Be that good or bad, I don't know quite yet.

*Select the desired angle on the setup jig. Check the height setting on the rolling jig. Register the chisel in the angle jig. Secure the rolling jig against the chisel and recheck the angle against the setup jig. Check the angle of the chisel for square against the body of the rolling jig. Select the proper grit stone and apply lubrication. Move the rolling jig/chisel across the stone, maintaining even pressure. After several passes, check grind line against body of chisel for square. Recheck chisel for square against body of rolling jig. Continue making passes on stone, rechecking on occasion for square. Add lubricant as necessary. When desired sharpness is achieved, remove chisel from rolling jig. Strop chisel to remove burr. Carve.

*Four days till the next FOM get together out at the Chef. Gonna sit down with Exotica59 and try to hammer out some details of my 'Ohana Experience' contest. Should be a real interesting evening, since everyone's gonna be all jazzed up about the national conference and Ohana. Me, I get to spend the week with an extra dog in the house. A snorty, hyperactive dog. Not quite a fair trade, in my book. Still, if I hade made all the plans necessary to go, the Boss would have been stuck with all four dogs by herself, which simply would not have worked on any level whatsoever. Right now, I'm mostly concerned with figuring out the proper spacing for my dosage of Chef Mai Tais. And screw being out there at any particular time. The fine FOM folks can just come collect me from the drinking area whenever it is that they happen to get there.

*Having a sagging display shelf right next to the glass display cabinets full of ceramics is something I really didn't want to see. Ever.

*Never quite made it over to the card table Saturday night, but the conversations were lively, and the beverages were nice and cold. Various illnesses and a missing babysitter took a toll on attendance, but I still greatly enjoyed the evening. Be interesting to see what happens with the next one.

*I hate it when people offer me nice sized chunks of maple wood and I have no way to get them home.

*The Boss wants to repaint her outdoor metal cafe table. Part of me is thrilled because it means it won't be pink anymore. Part of me thinks I should take it somewhere and have it media blasted before another coat of paint gets put on it. Another part of me doesn't want this becoming a project of mine, so it thinks I should keep my opinions to myself. No matter what I think, though, this would be the fourth major around-the-house project that she's lining up for the summer. Just not real sure that's a realistic number of projects for her to try and undertake in that time frame.


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