Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Buzzing Rum Dispersal Unit Tighteners

*Here's a simple truism that came to me today. Not any great world-changing flash of insight, or anything like that, but it is still something that just makes sense. Here it is: It is easier to work around being hungry than it is to work around being tired. Seems pretty straightforward. For example, while it is not recommended that you take a nap while driving down the highway, it is less not recommended that you eat a bunch of Oreos while driving down the highway. It has been proven to be decidedly difficult to multi-task while napping. So, given the choice between a nap and a cookie, I will most likely take the nap. Except for those weird daytime nap dreams that are just freaky as all get out. Those I really don't care for. Or unless it's a really good cookie.

*I really can't think of a single time when it would be a good thing to know that you cause internal bleeding in others.

*After all the trouble and expense that I went to to find cabinets to put all my board games in, I am considering re-relegating them to the closet in the studio (the games, not the cabinets), except for the few tiki related ones that I have. And the ones I really like. And any of the really pretty ones. And anything that can be played with a standard deck of playing cards. Then, I can refill all the cabinets with items from my tiki collection. I mean really, the games are already in boxes of their own (for the most part) already. At the moment, I think I'd rather have my tiki stuff somewhere I can access it easier. That would be helpful in keeping some of the rarer items intact, and if I wanted to change the things that are on display around, it would make that easier too. No more piles of cardboard boxes stuffed under the workbench. They'd be stuffed in the closet instead.

*Played M:tCG for the first time in more years than I can remember and actually ended up going 2-0.

*Ohana. Ohana Ohana Ohana. Crap. I want to go. The Boss says it's OK for me to go. But, I don't want to have to spend a small fortune to go. And I want to be teleported there and back. The notion of having to take a 2 day drive to get there doesn't sit real well with me, especially when I'd be traveling alone. OK, in theory, it could be done in one day. A 14 hour day, mind you, but it could be done. Two decades ago it wouldn't have even been a question, but now I can't much think of anything I'd willingly do for 14 hours at a stretch, much less droning endlessly down the highway. Makes my ass fall asleep just thinking about it. Haven't found anyone to team drive with either, since most FOM folks are already going to be at the national convention before they head up to Ohana. But, on the flip side, the only person I've run across who thinks I shouldn't go is me. And that makes me wonder. I don't want to not go just because I'm not real comfortable making a long distance drive by myself. That's a pretty bad reason to not go. A better reason would be the amount of money we owe to various creditors, which is something I'm still trying to total up. Anyway, I really am thinking that I will just wait until next year to go. By then, I should be an official FOM member, and I can go to the convention as well. Then I can just go ahead and make a week out of it. In the meantime, I'm kinda cooking up an idea that could help me get a bit more engaged with the local chapter. I just have to consult my stock of carvings and confer with the powers that be before I can go ahead and try and set it up. As another side bonus, this little notion would give me more impetus to get going in the studio as well.

*Had the place to myself for the weekend, and nothing really came of it. Didn't help that I had to work the whole time. And that I had to keep an eye on all the various family residences and pets. Not entirely surprising though, as my ability to NOT be able to assemble a party at a moment's notice is nearly legendary.

*Not much left of the old hospital building now but a rather large hole in the ground. I'm still surprised that they tore it down. But, anymore, it is cheaper to build something new than it is to remodel something old.

*Since I got the display cases a while back, the folding table that I took from the cottage all those years ago is just in the way. I don't want to get rid of it, since I thought it would make a nice table for the bar area, should that ever come to be. I do need to get some new casters for it, though. maybe I'll just move it out into the garage for the summer in the hope that by the time the snow starts flying again I will have obtained and basically set up the purple room.

*While thumbing through my Trader Vic's drink guide, it came to my attention that a Suffering Bastard is pretty much the same as a Mai Tai, but with some silver rum thrown in. Interesting. And potentially dangerous. Just so happens that I have some silver rum. But after last night, though, my stock of dark rum is resting at exactly zero. Got to make sure that next time around I get my hands on some better limes, too.

*Took Mai Tai Monday out of the Blue Moai Room and down the street just a bit to the neighbor's back yard. Even though the mosquitoes made a valiant attempt to make their presence felt, they were outmatched by the power of the Mai Tais and Blue Hawaiis that proved to be crowd favorites (mostly because that's all they had to choose from). Among the topics of discussion: the nature of ignorance, chickens with pantaloons, the wonder that is gin, youth versus experience, what it was about "The Pillars of the Earth" that sucked, the cyborg cultists down the street, why all the rum was gone, and Maryann's loins. All in all, quite an enjoyable evening. And we made it back home before the SWAT team showed up. Double bonus.

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