Friday, September 24, 2010

Further thoughts on "The City"

*Given my general level of discomfort during the couple of days we spent in Chicago, Sheri asked the fairly obvious question of 'do you ever think you could live in the city?' My instant thought was that no, I couldn't. More accurately, I wouldn't want to. Of course, this question was asked while we were in the heart of the Loop in Chicago, so I'm trying to think my way around this as L trains are rumbling overhead, cars are honking, and bellmen are blowing their whistles, none of which is anything I'd want to deal with on a daily basis. I know I'd get used to it, but for now I really don't like it. But that's what it's like in the Loop. And, the Loop does not necessarily represent what comprises Chicago as a whole. So, maybe it would be better said that I wouldn't really care to live in the Loop. Not that I'd ever be able to afford to live in the Loop. Much less be an artist in the loop living in a loft space in a converted factory/warehouse with an overhead winch system, a freight elevator, access to a nearby scrap yard, a forklift, and all the welding equipment I could ever use. I might be able to afford a 2 room, 10th floor walkup 'apartment' with one window that overlooks the alley where the dumpsters are and access to all the roaches and rats I could ever kill. So, from a fiscal angle, "The City" would most likely not be a good match for my bank account. Especially if there was an art supply store nearby. but if you put aside all the noise and ridiculous expenses, I could see myself doing "The City" thing. The sheer number of museums and theaters could keep me occupied for years. Barring all that, being as visual as I tend to be, just walking down the street can be quite a stimulating experience. It could also been seen as highly distracting. So, from an artistic angle, it would be a mixed bag. But, alas, the mysteries and possibilities involved with being an artist in "The City", will remain unknown to me. Unless, of course, I do indeed start crapping money in the near future.

*Barely a month into the semester, and the atheists and the religous are already banging heads over on the NIU campus. I love it.

*Why am I spending all this time yammering to myself when I have so much work to do?? Which reminds me, I need to check in with Bart tomorrow and see if he can do the woodworking I need done. Which means I actually need to have a prototype ready, which means I actually need to do some work when I get home tonight. But here I am, still yammering away. Did I happen to mention all the work I need to get done?


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