Thursday, September 16, 2010

Off To "The City"

*Teetering on the brink of having 4 days off, half of which will no doubt be endlessly busy. Plan on spending a day and a half or so in Chicago, and on our way back towards home, we'll be stopping to hit the monthly Red Palms get-together at the Chef. The whole Chicago part is in place of the trip we were planning to take in October, which we decided to nix in favor of hopefully geting to Hawaii in the next few years. And it's also going to be an early celebration of Sheri's birthday. So, we're going to the Art Institute on Friday afternoon followed by drinks and chow at Trader Vic's with the 'Lodges. Might wander over to Blue Chicago after that, depending on how things go at TV's. Saturday, we're just hoping to wander around the Loop for a while. Go check out the Eye in Pritzker Park, and then go look at the Bean. Maybe vice versa if we're feeling saucy. Lunch is going to be at the Twisted Kilt, and then who knows what after that until we head out for North Riverside. Planning to enjoy a bunch of the usual shenanigans with all the Red Palms folk, with the added bonus of 13 Tikis playing two live sets. Now, all I have to do is keep her from getting a migraine, or having that hip of hers lock up for the next two and a half days. Could be a daunting task, especially if the cool, windy weather tries to dump some rain on the festivities. I will be keeping my fingers crossed...

*Reka recently had her 15th birthday. I'm pretty sure that's the oldest dog I have ever personaly owned. Makes me feel just a little bit guilty leaving her at home while we go into Chicago, especially since the Hilton is pet friendly (for a fee, of course). The one thought that occurred to me was the same thing that caused issues when we took her to Michigan, that being she won't do her business on anything but grass. And I don't remember seeing a whole lot of that in the Loop. So, Gramda will be dog-sitting for Friday and Saturday.

*Good to spend some time hanging out at BWW after work with Glassy, even if it is only a temporary situation.

*Before I yield to the temptation of pulling my hair out in frustration, I should remember that it's only a working model, and to have moved along this far in less than a week is not bad progress. Still, less internet time would have let me get further along than I am, and the timeline for completion isn't getting any longer.

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