Wednesday, October 13, 2010


(Originally written October 4, 2010)

*Had a pretty decent weekend, not taking the weather into account. Cruised the H'ween stores in St. Charles, which was pretty much a let-down. Lots and lots of costumes. We came to the decision that they just need to have a 'Slutty' section. Not a lot of neat decor stuff. The gargantuan spider got nixed, as did the wide variety of zombie babies. Found out that the stuff used in the foggers gives her a headache and makes me short of breath, so it's good we didn't get one of those last year. All this anamatronic stuff they have out now is just expensive, loud, and annoying. Some of it to the tune of $300+. I came to the comclusion that I do pretty well with skeletons and jack-o-lanterns.

*The Tag-Alongs have finally resurfaced, albeit briefly.Good to know they survived their transplant.

*Had a string of good days lately, only to be followed up by finding out that I only have a partial refill left on my meds. That makes an encounter with Mike in the near future a certainty. Yay.

*Got to do the artwork on the boards, after which comes the box. Along the way, proofs should be being approved and things should be rolling along.

*Can't be a beatnik without bongos, right? Therefore, I will be getting some bongos. And since I had to do some extra downtime Sunday morning thanks to my run-in with Bart's blender, I missed the flea market. Therefore, I will be getting a new set. Coolsville, daddy-o!

*Sheri woke to let the dogs out the other morning, and reported a good covering of frost on everything. That lead me to ask when I had to be out of the garage. The answer was no later than Thanksgiving, which was nmore generous than I was expecting.

*If your mind is elsewhere when you're stropping a chisel, you will most likely cut yourself. Trust me, I know this.


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