Friday, October 15, 2010

Bunion Flavored Vodka

*I think I can easily say that this month has, thus far, not been a shining example of my greatest of days.

*Off to the Chef this weekend to spend some time with my FOM family! Since I won't be able to make it to the next meeting, I guess I'll have to make this one count for double. And, since 88 is all torn up with late season construction, Sheri wants to find another way to get there. She had mentioned taking 90, but that's WAY out of the way. So, I'll be doing some Mapquesting before we head out tomorrow. I figure there's gotta be a way to take 39 over to some common N/S highway. And, depending on when we get back into town, we might just head over to the after party over at Leslie's. It's looking more and more like I'm going to be writing off a large chunk of my Sunday morning to napping and dosing with Tylenol.

*I now have my first art piece hanging in a semi-public place. Response thus far has been minimal, but fairly positive. The comparisons to Van Gogh I don't get.

*What's a party without a little drama, eh? Guess I'll find out before too long. But, as I tend to be Captain Oblivious most of the time, I probably wouldn't know it if I saw it. Maybe if I tripped over it, but not so much if I just kinda glanced at it from across the room.

*Once again I feel that I must stress how ridiculous it is that I am having a hard time finding H'ween decorations, yet the holiday is still more than 2 weeks away. Not to mention that the selections I have run across have been sparse, repetitive, and of low quality. Have picked up a few things, but just nothing really amazing.

*I really don't get why people are so crazy about Fat Tire. It's really not all that great. Neither is Hex from Magic Hat. Not that they're horrible, just more that I put them in the 'Blah Beer' file. Krankshaft Kolsch Ale is good, but I actually like the Dundee Kolsch a little bit better. Now I just have to find an IPA that I really like. And I need to try some Chimay as well. Storm King Imperial Stout is still at the top of my list, though.

*It really sucks when you have a great practical joke you could play on one of your neighbors, but they also just so happen to be the most highly armed people in the neighborhood.

*My vacation time for next year has been approved! Ohana 2011, here I come!! SWEEEEEET!!!

*This weekend is not only DeKalb HS homecoming, but NIU's homecoming as well. I'm betting there will be non-stop police and paramedic action all weekend. Bars open at 0600 on Saturday, so that should help. Makes me glad I won't be at work. I also plan to avoid the entire SW corner of town until at least Monday morning.

*Why would it be inconceivable that I would send someone flowers??

*It never fails to amaze me how some things are even more tasty when seen close up. Head swimmingly so, at times.


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