Monday, January 31, 2011

How Does the Pizza Figure In??

*I find that I am not overly fond of Denis Leary's early stand-up work. Robin Williams' latest special was lacking, too. Bobby Collins just amuses the hell out of me though. Ditto for Jeff Dunham.
*Convert an old workbench into the new bar? Now that's a pretty interesting idea the wife had. A fairly expensive idea, true, especially when you're looking at old woodworking benches in antiques stores. Still, building one from scratch could easily run into a decent amount of money, especially given my tendency to measure once and cut twice. Along those same lines, I had also been thinking about adding more seating downstairs, just to make that space between the bar and the game table more useable. Went out to Menard's and Lowe's, just to take a quick peek to see if they had any patio furniture that I happened to like. Of course, I did find one at Lowe's that would work well. Of course, it's a special order item. And, of course, it was expensive enough to make my stomach roll over when I saw the price. So, I have no idea what direction to go in at the moment.

*The next step in the 'mass' production of my first game is going to be taking place shortly. Mostly it involves taking another long drive and writing out another huge check. Would have been heading in to take care of it on Tuesday, if not for the 'blizzard' that is supposed to be taking shape. Think I may just lay low until that blows through.

*Beginning to think I should look into having that split fingernail removed.

*Thus far, my second effort at creating a game is not moving along quite as fluidly as the first did. So far I've completely scrapped two versions and resorted back to using cards as the primary mechanism of play. I'm trying to not consider that a bad thing, but I don't want to end up recycling Fezquest and just slapping a new theme on it. So, I think I'll end up using the cards as the base mechanism, and then figure out some other way to give it more of the flavor I'm looking for. Maybe that's where I can work in my modular board ideas.

*It's filed under the heading of 'construction lumber', and I can get it at Menard's. Nice thing to know.

*Had quite a lot of fun out at Twins with Lil P and JJ last week. Would have been even nicer if it wasn't so damn cold and I didn't have to drive home. But it was interesting to find out just how universally popular a color blue is.

*It's rarely a good thing when your doctor's office calls you at home out of the blue. Worse yet is when they say 'Hey, we haven't seen you for a while, so we're not gonna refill your meds until the doc can see you'. Oh, yippee. That means I get to have a conversation with Mike that's going to go something like, 'Yeah, I'm gonna need that scrip refilled, and by the way, can you bump the dosage a couple of notches so it's easier for me to stay on the happy bubble and I'm less likely to get fired? And by the way, just out of curiosity, what is the technical definition of 'suicidal thoughts'?' Yup, that's gonna be a fun morning...

*I have recently witnessed the single greatest usage of the word 'meager'. Ever.

*I'm having a hard time trying to get pictures uploaded onto the FOM website. Looks like I may have to post everything to my Flickr account and then back link those images to my posts. Seems like it will be quite a pain in the ass to do it that way, but that 2MB file size limit is just killing me.

*Yes, I know the 5th is the day before the Super Bowl. Yes, I know I live somewhere close to the ass end of civilization. But why would either one of those facts make less likely to want to have some folks over for a good time? If I put those two factors aside, the big wild card this time around may be the weather. Not sure how the upcoming storm will affect the turnout. If it ends up keeping people away, I guess that just means more cocktails for me. Low attendance could also be an indicator that it's time to put this event on the shelf for a few months.

*One big carving is already in the works for Ohana in June. Now, I've been asked to contribute to M3's school fundraiser again. That's going to be in April. Two months is a much tighter timeline for me to work in, especially when I'll be starting from scratch, so I need to get some materials into the house and get going on that one right quick. And, on top of that, I want to have something to kick in at this month's gathering at the Chef. Damn. That means I'm going to be quite busy. Might have to put in a big order with Fire Mountain. And Budweiser.

*I am now the proud owner of not one, but two, vintage Travel Bars. That means I have one to use, and one to trick out! It is also highly suggestive that the signature Blue Moai cocktail will be composed of three ingredients. Possibly three and a mixer. Or maybe six ingredients. Or maybe not.

*Having a hard time figuring out when we can get down to Springfield to see the boys. It's not terribly surprising that S and I can't manage to get our schedules to sync up, but I can't even figure out when I can make a solo trip down to Peoria or over to Indiana by myself. Really kinda sucks.

* "Surrogates"-Not a bad movie. Not a great movie, either. A very light treatment of something that could have been explored on more interesting levels that were only hinted at in the movie.

* "1409"-This is a movie we had seen before, but Sheri really liked it, so I stuck it back in our queue. What I didn't realize when I did that was what I put into our queue was the unrated director's cut of the film. Furthermore, I didn't know that this version of the film had a different ending than the theatrical version. The ending of the theatrical version was the part that Sheri really liked. So, this difference in content led to a rather heated and prolonged discussion at 2 in the morning regarding which was the better version and why. In the end, we were able to grudgingly acknowledge each other's points and then agree to disagree.

* "Candyman"-A horror movie from the late 80'/early 90's that sucked. Go figure. Aside from the unique choice of setting in this film, it was pretty much just another yawn inducing low grade slasher film. I read a couple of the reviews that people had written of the movie, and was amazed by the number people who said that they were 'scared to go into the bathroom' after seeing this movie. Boggles the mind.

* "Deadgirl"-A movie with a creepy theme and a very dark storyline. Definitely not for your average to less-than-squeamish crowd. I am hesitant to say I liked it due to the subject matter, but it is a brain-twisting movie with lots of arguable points embedded throughout. Watch at your own risk.

* "Deadwatch"-War is not a clean or pretty affair. The trench warfare of WWI is a example of how bad it can be. The mud and muck of an anonymous trench is the setting for this subtly creepy film, which saves it's biggest punch until the very end of the film. Well worth watching, just mind the rats.

* "Session 9"-Great setting, interesting story, and just the right amount of creep factor. All you have to do to really enjoy it is pretend that you have no idea who David Caruso is.

*Why is the paperwork NEVER done!?!?

*Didn't really need a $50 tool case. It's not like I get a lot of calls to do on-site tiki carving. Moving from the garage to the studio and back again is something I should be able to accomplish without any expensive accessories. Much like the $100 chisel set that I know is sitting in the antique mall in Creston. Not something I really need at this juncture. The $75 hand adze I saw in the catalog I may just end up getting though.

*I have found the base liquor for the Blue Moai Room's signature drink! Now I just need to figure out the rest of what's going to be in it...


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