Monday, February 7, 2011

Eggs? What Eggs?

*The band stuck in heavy rotation on my iPod right now? Bowling For Soup.

*The Blue Moai Room was a bit on the dead side this time around. Had people out with illnesses, folks who had to work, and a whole boatload of no-shows. But, I was glad that Cromag made the trek up from Peoria and that Mel and Rog found their way out from Aurora. After the post-event analysis, the main thing that I took away from this particular event was that the layout of the room needs a major overhaul. The flow in the old layout basically sucked, but it took me until now to really realize that. So, I started moving things around on Sunday night. Maybe when March rolls around (supposing that I have an event in March), the room will work better. If not, I just plan to drink more.

*Not at all looking forward to a multi-day stretch of sub-zero temps.

*It was never my intention to have my hair cut in a salon. But, if it helps keep the peace in the house, that's fine with me.

*Less than two weeks until my return to the Chef!! Of course that also means that I only have 12 days or so to get my raffle donation done. Hey, what's one more deadline to throw on the pile, eh?

*Off to Vegas in late April? Sure. Why not? The question of where to stay in Lake George in June is still hanging overhead, though.

*The wood chips are just flying all over the studio lately. Really surprising to me how good a job that 30 is doing on that plank. The St. Mary's tiki is underway, as is the Ohana tiki, and the usual pile of side projects is demanding attention. But with the short timeline for the St Mary's project, and now having to repair accidental damage done to the Ohana tiki, carving activities are front and center on the agenda. I am also rediscovering just how much I like working with chalk. No great inspirational flashes lately, so the greatest share of my time is spent carving and reworking old images that never quite came out the way I wanted them to.

*How much stuff can I pack into a two day stretch of time? Is it possible that I can go out Thursday night with the work folks, and then roll out of bed early enough on Friday to be in Niles by 10 or so? And, if I manage to pull that off, what are the odds that I can then make it through a day at the Art Institute in Chicago, winding up at Trader Vic's with the Lodges? Seems like this type of schedule may be pushing it just a bit for someone of my advanced years.


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