Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Return.

*Censorship exists. Your speech is not as free as you think.

*Why does it just figure that when I finally find a car that I really like, the manufacturer decides to stop making it?

*Bottles. That is all I am lacking in order to start brewing beer at home. I think. I'm sure there is something else I have forgotten that won't be apparent until I'm right in the middle of boiling my wort. But, as far as the bottles go, option one is to drink two cases of beer and reuse those bottles. Option two would be to just go to the homebrew store and just buy a couple of cases of new, empty bottles. I find myself on the fence as to what I should do. Another issue so far is finding a place in the house with the appropriate temperature for fermentation. The basement is too cold for ales. It would be OK for lagers, though.

*Good to chat a bit with Amazon2 and Eve this week.

*Spring is definitely almost here. Seriously, it's already kilt weather. Of course, winter never really seemed to settle in all the way around here. That would explain why the forecasters are calling for a hot, bug-infested summer. But at least it should let me get back to riding my bike to work sooner.

*Big Eddy Wee Heavy Scotch Ale. Awesome.

*Still knocking around the idea of going to Milwaukee for a couple of days during my week off. That would be the exact opposite of staying home and getting the house into order (aka Spring Cleaning), but having never been before, it could be interesting.

*We have an appointment to have our taxes done on Monday. Blech.

*Thanks to Sparky for re-igniting my desire to get a full back tattoo. Thus far I haven't been able to come up with too many recommendations for where I should go. The other part is that I would need to get the basic sketch of what I want done before going anywhere. And then there's that whole 'money' issue.

*Got two, maybe three Red Palms events coming up this month. I also find myself wondering if I could get into shape to run a 5K by the end of April.

*The layer of pastel colors should not be the first thing you put down. Especially when it's black. Duh. Live and learn.


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