Saturday, May 21, 2011

Made With 100% Preservatives

*My brain does not seem to be in gear at all. Hashi is completely eluding me. Crosswords may as well be in another language. Even the random background noise isn't really interesting. Don't know if I slept too much or not enough. Didn't exercise, which certainly doesn't help. Probably should have skipped the pizza rolls as well.
*Nope. Last I checked, weren't no rapture 'round here. Crap. I guess that means that the looting parties are off for tonight. And I had my torches all ready to go, too.
*Baby birds are a definite exception to the 'all baby animals are cute' rule.
*It was supposed to rain today. Vigorously. It didn't. I postponed the washing of the dogs due to this incorrect forecast. That means that if I wash them tomorrow, that's when it will rain. Vigorously. Now, if I were to go and get the grass seed for the back yard and put that in, it may well never rain here again. Therefore, it would seem that I should put the grass seed in and THEN wash the dogs.
*Almost sliced off the end of my thumb while chopping mint today. That is something that will sure get your attention in a hurry. Fortunately I just lost a hunk of thumbnail and a flap of dead skin, neither one of which found their way into the lentil salad.
*It just seems ethically wrong to load my bike into the car and drive somewhere so I can then take the bike out and ride it around.
*I don't think it's the quantity of the pizza that's a problem. It's more like the power that's causing an issue. But, you can't downgrade the value so much that the pizza becomes worthless. Maybe it just needs to be potent but scarce. I may also need to reign in the swag as well. And friends need to serve a purpose that makes it worthwhile to spend pie to get them.

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