Monday, August 25, 2008

And Then Came The Asparagus...

CHAPTER ONE: Unemployed For Five Days
Day two of my mini vacation is drawing to a close. Once again, a cool summer breeze is drifting in through the window, and a migraine has relegated Pinklady to bed. I was a bit disappointed to have gotten a bit of a late start to the day, but I seen to have gotten a couple of things done, and a couple more started. The one sour not would be the lack of artistic effort that was present in the day. That will be changing tomorrow. There are several sketches that need to be worked on, and others that need to be revised. The poetry well seems to be running a bit dry, but the notion of doing some sculpture work has been been coming to the fore lately. And I seem to be getting quite tired of sanding. After mostly completing the 80 grit pass on the current tiki (up to date pics have just been posted), the wood is smoother than I would have thought possible after only two passes. I may skip the last pass and finish at 120 (no pun intended), just so I can move on to the staining stages. Be nice if the stink of the stain is off of it before it gets cold outside.

It was odd to find myself out last night and seemingly at random to find myself perched on the doorstep of a 10 year high school reunion. In context of upcoming events in my life, it seemed almost unreal to be observing that type of event up close, but without being a participant. The possibility does exist that it is not unlikely that I will have an experience that, in some ways, may mirror this odd little encounter.

CHAPTER THREE: Unexpected Explosion
The storms avoided the area this week. Except for one. The cluster bomb that shredded my train of thought this week was the one and only Bluegirl. She blew onto my radar this week without warning, scattering all my neatly arranged concerns like a five-year-old stomping a puddle. Focusing my eyes and intents elsewhere with a barrage of words, she came and went as she pleased, here one second and gone the next leaving vivid images burned into my the backs of my eyes like a lightning flash. An interesting change in the weather at an unknown distance.

CHAPTER FOUR: Have A Spot Of Tea Instead
I just finished reading a book titled "Brass Monkeys" by some British author whose name eludes me at the moment. This was another book that found its way into my hands by way of the discount book store. I may have disliked it more had I knowingly paid full price for it. It proved to be a bit of a challenge to read, given my lack of knowledge regarding the workings of Britain's political system, as well as my intolerance for proper English spellings (ie tyre, kerb). The pacing of the book was quite jerky and the overall tone wandered from mystery to comedy to political satire without ever being able to smoothly blend any of them. While not something I will ever go out of my way to read again, I don't really feel compelled to set it on fire and run away screaming, either. I must say, though, it did provide the single best juxtaposition of a paparazzi, a primate, and a politician that I have ever read. If you want to get your hands on this one, check the book exchange at work. I have a feeling that it will be there for quite a while.

CHAPTER FIVE: A Smallish List Of Various Sized Bits
**Flowers form the left coast provided a nice start to my day.

**Congrats to MSD and the Giant on finding a home out in IN. Good luck with all that wallpaper, and thanks for all the junk.

**The surveys on the left hand side of this page are there for a reason, people!

**Lifted above the others, she held me in awe. A vicious and righteous edge, glowing and gleaming with all the subtle depth and fire of an opal. A phantom of promise, slowly disappearing over the horizon. A singular pale jewel guided and girded by the intangible.

**Crusty allergy eyes, runny nose, sneezing-I just cannot keep the women off of me during allergy season.

**Another home maintenance chore I can add to my list of things I really really really dislike: caulking.

**Speakers in the garage: functional. Sweet!!

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