Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pocupines!! Everywhere, Porcupines!!

CHAPTER ONE: A Brief Announcement
I'm not wearing any.

CHAPTER TWO: Look Around
In case you hadn't noticed, and even if you didn't care, there is now a link posted on the left hand side of the page that will take you to a web album where I will be posting pictures of ongoing projects, as well as things I may occasionally finish. Thanks to Cromag for the constant prodding it took to finally get me to figure out exactly how to do this. And yes, I will post update pictures this weekend (I swear!!).

CHAPTER THREE: When Will It Stop????
Once again, I have been bitten quite painfully in the ass by the bane of my existence: the 'You're a nice guy, BUT....' phrase. This most ancient of curses was this time leveled at me by Ninjagirl. How oddly appropriate that this should rear its most venomous head right at the same time I'm contemplating my 20th high school reunion. That string of words has caused me untold grief throughout my life. As I have tried the route of not being a nice guy, which I failed miserably at, and as I have no interest in not being a guy, it seems like this will be the spiritual cheese grater grinding away at my soul for all eternity. Or at least until I cease to exist. But then, any philosopher worth his salt would question the brazen assurance that I seem to have regarding my own existence. On the other hand, most philosophers would have been on the receiving end of that curse numerous times in their own lives as well. And that leads me to wonder if you can reject something that does not exist. Perhaps by the virtue of my possible non-existence I would then become more interesting to the opposite sex. Fascinating theory, but a tad difficult in practical application, I would think.

CHAPTER FOUR: Sometimes a Table Is Just A Puzzle Stand
About the time I was all set to start getting grumpy that there is an incomplete jigsaw puzzle taking up the entire top of my gaming table, I realized that since I'm not playing games with anyone right now, it doesn't freakin matter. Although I do at some point intend to take Kittyluv up on her offer. There will be no rolly chairs present, though.

CHAPTER FIVE: Dude, That's Like In Wisconsin, Right?
Off to Elkhorn on Sunday? Maybe. Even thought I paid the bills and did the books today, I'm not sure running up to a huge flea market would be the most fiscally responsible thing to do. I think I only made it up there once last year, and I haven't gone at all this year. This particular show is one of the best flea markets going, and it really suck to have to be an adult and say the we shouldn't go. That's been the same story basically all summer. Poured all that money into the house, now people expect to get paid. So, no flea markets, garage or estate sales, and no antiquing this year. Guess I'll mow the yard tomorrow instead.

CHAPTER SEVEN: It Is Not a Flip-Flop, By The Way
Pinklady has finally redeemed herself at the video store, at least somewhat. She recently rented "The Onion Movie". For those of you who are not aware of what The Onion is, let me fill you in a tad. The Onion is a satirical newspaper based out of the U of W in Madison. Filled with spoofs and send-ups of current events and the general stupidity of people, it has a national following. So, they made a movie. If you at all liked "The Kentucky Fried Movie" or "Amazon Women On The Moon": rent this movie. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. Just rent the movie. Now for those of you who may have read my somewhat harsh review of that last piece of trash I saw that I can't even remember the name of may well say that "Kentucky..." and "Amazon..." both had their share of raunchy humor and simply stupid gags. I would have to admit that this is true. The primary difference would be that in the case of "The Onion", they realize that a joke about a gay cruise liner is 3 minute sketch funny, not 90 minute movie funny. Just rent the damn movie and quit your whining.

* It would seem that most people have a far looser definition of the word 'friend' than I do.
*I know I've mentioned it before, but I feel it bear repeating: I. Hate. Creeping. Charlie.
*There are some people out there who have no idea how nauseating their perfume is. Then there are a few whose fragrance is so intoxicating it makes you weak in the knees. Usually, these same people tend to find it odd when you stand close to them and breathe deeply while making happy noises.
*Thanks to MSD for the swag! I'm still waiting on pins and needles to see what my reward is gonna be, by the way.
*Wondering if asking the Amazon about the whereabouts of Number One was a wise thing to do.
*Awaiting my next inspiration from Bluegirl. Even thought the fact remains that I still have things in the works from previous inspirations.
*Work SUCKED this week in ways I have yet to be able to fully comprehend. Round 2 starts on Monday. I could well be comatose by Wednesday.
* I need gasoline, thumbtacks, and Miracle-Gro. There is no one single place that I know of in Dekalb to acquire all three of those items in one stop.

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