Sunday, August 17, 2008

Prearranged Terms and Conditions Apply


**Term I had never heard before just the other day: 'Steampunk'. From what I've found out in the course of a very brief investigation, I like it.

**Be interested in seeing what Jaws pulls out of the stack of my CD's to listen to. Maybe a dozen different bands, and the only one she had heard of was ZZ Top. Will someone hand me my cane?

**To Snaps in my own defense: That is a perfecly reasonable place to put a pocket. The function of pockets is to have things put into them. That's just not the best place to have a boob.

**Oddly addictive games of late: Momentum Missile Mayhem 2, Gemcraft, Pillage the Village, and Bubble Tanks 2. All of which you can play for free at

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