Saturday, November 8, 2008

Before You Know It...

** Any and all hints of summer have left the area. All that remains are an endless series of cold, windy, damp, grey days. For like the next six months. As usual, I am really not fond of this situation.

** Must be my year for reunions, as an old floor mate of mine from college popped back into the picture again. Apparently it is also my year to continuously encounter near-rabid Catholics as well.

** A series of texts from Dhawk has left me feeling uncertain about a lot of things.

** After sorting through most all the stuff regarding the reunion, I can only conclude that that period of time is like a blankey that you have when you're a kid. At the time, it seems to be the greatest thing ever, but as you get older, it gets more and more tattered and worn. At some point you end up with nothing left but threads and fuzz that can never be reassembled into anything like it once was.
That just leaves me looking at the piles of stuff I have hung on to over the years and wondering what, if anything, it really means to me. I'm not really sure at all. Very very few of the connections are still in place, and those that are see these things from the past quite differently. So, I really have no idea what to do with all this stuff. I really hate to throw it out after having kept it for all these years, but at the same time, I've come to discover that it doesn't really connect me to anything anymore. Most likely, I'll just lock it all back away until the next event rolls around and I can drag it all out again.

**'Russian unity' not only kept me amused all evening one night this week, it actually prompted me back into doing some puzzle building. The end result was tempered with a bit of disappointment when the intended target failed to appear.

** According to the family plans as they stand thus far, we are on our own for Thanksgiving, and will be having C'mas early. I find myself unaffected either way.

** A new leaf has almost completely unfurled itself on my banana pup. That would tend to make me thing that I hadn't quite managed to kill it completely when I transplanted it. If it keeps on growing, it'll be interesting to see how big it gets before I can replant it outside.

** I've also seen some new growth in the aquarium, but my time spent in that part of the house has been minimal as of late, so I once again find myself behind on upkeep.

** I have once again bowed to continued pressure and started to consume the dreaded meds. Even though I hate having to take them, at the same time I have to acknowledge there is a definite downward trend in my overall mental status lately.

**A poor choice has once again left me doing a ridiculous amount of cleanup work. Rather than go out and get a new container of wood stain, I opted to use some ancient stuff I had sitting in the garage. Not a good idea. I have now spent way too many hours sanding clean a tiki I most likely shouldn't have even bothered to stain in the first place. Mayhap this one will go out with the newly constructed puzzle.

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