Sunday, November 30, 2008

Progress Report

Just a few update pictures, since my resolve to be more consistent with my postings seems to have gone right out the window. If you can't tell, they're in sequential order from top to bottom.

Beyond that, we seem to be getting our first sticking snow of the season right now. If I heard right, it's supposed to continue through the night till around noon tomorrow. I also may have heard between 5 and 8 inches, but I'll believe it when I see it. Or, better yet, I'll believe it when I shovel it.

It's good to have heard about the two fuzzy new additions to Kittyluv's household. Should make things quite a bit more interesting.

It was also good to have a nice long chat with Cromag the other day. It didn't do much to alleviate my nerves regarding his heating situation. I can understand how expensive it is to replace a furnace, really I can, but the idea of trying to get through an IL winter just using space heaters doesn't seem like a good idea. Having been witness to, and a participant in, a mobile home fire, the whole thing makes me really really nervous. Since I'm not a HVAC contractor though, I guess the best I can do is hope the weather stays mild.

The return of Tigerjewel has been an interesting disruption to the everyday routine around here. It's interesting how little some things change.

Bluegirl seems to have vanished.

Here's hoping that the flare didn't quite manage to get a hold of Dhawk.

Another leaf is starting to unfurl on my banana plant, bringing the grand total to five.

I have no idea who I should be buying gifts for, and within that context, I have no idea what to buy. Have I bothered to mention that I'm not really that fond of the holidays?

Found several pieces of osage orange (hedge) wood when I took the last of the leaves (at least the ones I'm going to rake) over to the dump site. Couldn't quite believe the luck of finding it just laying there on the ground. There were at least six pieces that were nice and straight, with no knots or forks, each about 18" long and ranging from 6-12" in diameter. And freshly cut, to boot. So, it should be fairly easy to carve as long as I get to it before it dries out to much, and then when it does dry out, it'll be rock hard and that gorgeous yellow color. Should be really fun to work with. I wonde if it's something that I can go over to the Hardwood Connection and get more of if I happen to work my way through these pieces quickly. But then again, who am I kidding? I haven't exactly been on fire artistically lately.

Have been contemplating the idea lately of getting rid of the aquarium. I put very little effort into it anymore, and with the downstairs still being a complete mess, I don't spend any time in front of it. The up side, of course, would be that I would then be able to rearrange the space to include a bar. I think I'll have to contemplate this for a while before making a decision.

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