Saturday, November 22, 2008


The past week I could qualify as not being the best, but was far from horrible. The weather hasn't provided much sun, so that's no great help either. I am also beginning to think that working out isn't really something I can opt out of either. It was just a really blah week, and I didn't work out at all. Maybe if I had I would have been able to have made a better run at things. Seems that bit of physical exertion may have been what helped keep me moving today instead of grinding to a halt like I've been doing all week. One more thing to add to the list of things that I hope will manage to keep me some version of sane this winter.

In the meantime, eight days or so have gone by without me getting anything posted, so I find myself backlogged once again. I think I'll give you the Reader's Digest version of events of late and then try to start over and stay on top of things a bit better.

  1. Added 2 new video games/ways to waste time to my collection: Peggle and Painkiller-Triple Dose. I didn't realize it until a day or so later that they both started with the letter 'P'. Struck me as odd.

  2. 'Pushing Daises' is the 2nd TV show with a unique take on death that I have have fun watching.

  3. 'Leatherheads' was an amusing movie.

  4. Pinklady overloaded the garbage disposal and then the dishwasher made the downstairs drains burp out all sorts of foul nastiness. One $90 dollar visit from the plumber later and all seems to be OK.

  5. The current tiki carving is moving along quite well. Watch for pictures shortly.

  6. I am having the damndest time remembering to take my stupid pills.

  7. Got another new leaf on my banana plant.

  8. Pinklady dragged me out to get my hair cut for the first time in 13 or so years. No more blond tips.

  9. It amazes me how sharp a properly sharpened chisel stays, even after use.

  10. 'Tropic Thunder' was funny, but not that damn funny.
  11. 'War, Inc.' left me confused, but I still like John Cusack.
  12. 100% of people think being unnoticed is worse than being disliked. Watch for another poll as soon as I can come up with a good question.

So, that's the short version of the past week and couple of days. Right now I'm feeling better, and I hope that I mangae to stay that way for a while. Being constantly reminded that I need to come up with lists for the impending holiday could eat away at that positive mood really quick, though. Anyone with good gify ideas for themselves or anyone else should feel free to pass them along, as I am not really doing the greatest in the idea department as of late.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, we watch Pushing Daisies also, but it is to be canceled soon. Martin is sad.
As for your meds. set your cell phone alarm. Mine goes off every evening at 7:30 to remind me to take my evening meds. Works well.

Have a good day!