Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Echoing Tree Pants

**Mmmmmm.....Me Want Taco....
I now have a mega craving for Mexican food thanks to a certain person who shall remain nameless. This craving also seems to be linked to a bubble of creativity that I hope will generate something in the near future.
Winter has blown back into the area on the wings of 30+ MPH winds. Single digit wind chills have cut short any dreams I had of an upcoming spring. Back to trudging through the cold.
**Thousands Of Hammer Strikes Later
I spent a good deal of time today cleaning the crack of a dragon. (In the literary field, we call that an 'attention getter') The split in the back of the log I had decided to use as the place where the wings come together on the back of the dragon. In order to make it look halfway decent, I've been cleaning out any little bridging bits of wood and trying to smooth out the lines of the whole area. My success thus far has been moderate. I have also decided to add another spine to the wings and will most likely be doing the rough out on that tomorrow. (And yes, Steve, I will get new pics up tomorrow!) I guess the way I'm going to progress towards finishing the piece will be to do the back/wings first, which shouldn't involve a whole lot of detail work, and then flip it over and work on the front, which will involve a huge amount of detail work. And along the way, I will no doubt start at least 37,230 other projects, which will linger in various states of incompletion until who knows when.
**It really isn't a whole lot of fun to pick on somebody who doesn't pick back at least occasionally. Especially when they're as ugly as a cross-eyed monkey. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.
**What To Do With A Thursday....
Tomorrow is my day off. After that comes a wraparound weekend shift. My intent is to spend as much time down in the studio as I can. As long as I manage to avoid wasting the day farting around on the computer, I should be able to gat a decent amount of stuff done. The only other thing I really need to do is make one of the recipes I picked out for lunch. I may also go on a photo safari, should the spirit move me to do so. I should put the new light up in the closet, lest I suffer the continued wrath of she who cannot see her clothing. That means I should at least make an effort to find out what circuit the closet light is on. Yeah, I don't think I'm real big on the whole electrocution thing. I'm also thinking I need to tweak the carbon dioxide delivery rate into the aquarium.
**This evening is not providing me with an opportunity to begin the process of constructing my puzzle. I'm also not sure what the end reward should be.
**I want this headache to GO AWAY!!

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