Monday, March 9, 2009

Murky Pickled Vowels

The SW corner of DeKalb feels a bit deserted, as it is apparently spring break for NIU this week. I had no idea. I also have no idea why it is that I thought I should have an idea of when spring break was. All I know is that my spring break will be the first week of April, and it is highly doubtful that beer bongs of any sort will enter into the picture. With much regret, I think I can also file bikini clad coeds into the same category of 'highly unlikely'.

**Out of Focus
I foresee a yet another really big, protracted project in my future. Unless I can sharpen up my photography skills fairly quickly, cataloging all the stuff I want to is going to take forever. I've already decided to redo all the pictures I had posted on Flickr of my Hawaiian shirt collection. In the course of trying to redo this project, I have learned that most of my shirts are about 4' wide, and I have nowhere to lay them flat so I can get a good picture. I also have no really good way to light them properly. And in the first round of retakes, I already have pictures I need to retake. The flash doesn't really seem to do well with the more shiny fabrics. And only one of the tag shots I took really turned out. In the midst of the sea of things that I haven't gotten quite right, I have sorta discovered how to use the macro/super macro feature, though (Got some nice shots of buttons, oh joy!). The up side would be that if I was doing this with actual film and actual film developing, it would have cost me a small fortune by now. So, I guess that it would be pointless of me to complain that I have to go upstairs to download the pictures from the camera onto the computer. Instead, I will complain that the photo manipulation software that I have isn't very good. I will be somewhat happy when I to get to the point where I'm not tossing out 3/4 of the shots I'm taking. Guess I haven't made it to the top of the learning curve yet.

It was not the best of weekends weatherwise, and that may have played a small part in my lack of achievements. Never made it out of bed before 10 in the morning, and any motivation I had went straight into playing the new video game I just bought. Did manage to get a few things done, but Sheri also had 2 migraines over the weekend and that really puts a damper on things. I also discovered through all the rain we had that the drainage tile that takes the majority of the water from the roof and shoots it out into my neighbors backyard had frozen closed over the winter. That caused all the water from the roof to come bubbling up out of the downspouts. And that caused the yard around the south end of the garage to take on a rather rice paddyish appearance. With more storms scheduled to hit us this week, I'm thinking this may be a continuing condition, at least until the ground thaws.

**Somehow, she has afflicted me with an idea, an image, a notion that refuses to go away. Why is it that this has seen fit to get lodged in my brain? The nucleus of a puzzle, perhaps?

**The new light for the closet looks really nice. It's still sitting there on the dresser, in the box, waiting to be put up, but boy, does it look nice. Guess I'll wait until Thursday to take my chances at being electrocuted.

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