Thursday, September 3, 2009

Frosted Gallstones

**After a substantial amount of tinkering, the new track light is up and functional over the game table! And even though I had reservations over the original idea, it looks sooooooooo SWEEEET! And, I managed to do it without electrocuting myself or burning the house down. Now, the table is well lit without being overly bright. Each of the five individual light pendants is adjustable, which gives me even more flexibility in putting the light where I need it. And, since the whole array is centered over the table, the chances of someone bumping their head on it are pretty slim. Not to mention the fact that the whole thing only drops about 5" from the ceiling. So, that corner of the room looks pretty darn spiffy, except for some minor touch ups to the wall and ceiling. Now I just have to get the rest of the space worked out.

**I still don't get the rabid entusiasm that some people express towards sports teams.

**I'm a few hex tiles short of being able to pull off my next great game conversion idea. If I wanted to go to all the time and effort to sand down a couple of grasslands and then repaint them to look like the sand tiles, I'd have what I needed. Then I'd just need a spare copy of the game that I could cannibalize for parts. And a computer controlled router. Then I'd be golden.

**Got newspaper, got flour, got some old sheets, got no coathangers, but I do have plenty of other wire I can use. I just need a mega sized container of white glue and a couple small blocks of Sculpey in a couple different colors. Then I can start papier-mache-ing my heart out.

**The near-full moon seems to be having an odd effect on me.

**And now, a rather lame poem about ninjas!!

If you meet a ninja, don't try to shake his hand
He may think that you're a killer from a rival ninja band.
He may take his ninja sword and chop your head in two
Before you even have a chance to wonder what to do.
He may take his ninja stars and perforate your spleen
It's really just part of his job-it's not that he's real mean.
He may take his ninja spikes and pin you to the wall
It doesn't matter much to him if you're short or tall.
He may use his ninja touch to make your colon swell
I don't know how he does it, and I know that he won't tell.
He may use his ninja kick to explode your brain
Then it will run out of your ears and trickle down the drain.
So if you meet a ninja, don't try to shake his hand.
Just nod, say 'How are you?' and all will go as planned.


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