Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cotton Candy, Frogs, and Razor Blades

* There are a lot of times that I get a pretty strong sense that I never should have left the 80's.
* Monday was the day of DIY furniture. The trip to the IKEA in Bolingbrook ended up taking a couple of hours longer than anticipated, mostly due to protracted discussions revolving around space usage and preferred finishes. I still ended up nixing the thought of a corner unit and anything gloss white, while the walnut finish ended up being a good choice of colors. Sheri is really not fond of the open front shelves with my HeroScape units displayed on it, but I like it, so we have agreed to disagree. So, basically after an entire day of shopping, transporting, and assembling I have room for all but 3 of my currently owned games to be stored behind closed doors in the game corner. The only reason those 3 don't fit is that they're deeper than the shelves, so the cabinet doors won't close. I have no idea what to do with them at the moment. I also picked up a new halogen track light for over the game table so hopefully people can actually see what they're doing. As of now I have the whole thing up, but I'm going to need to get some kind of cover or patch to fix the spot in the ceiling where the other light was, since this new one is quite a bit smaller. I also pulled the dimmer switch out of the circuit downstairs, so now all the lights in the main room come on when you flip one switch at the bottom of the stairs. Extra bonus for this part of the project was me not electrocuting myself!
* An upcoming rarity for me: a 3 day weekend. While Labor Day does mark the traditional end of summer, I tend to have an issue with ending something that never really started. The thing that was called summer this year sucked bigger squid dick than I ever could have thought possible. All it ends up leaving me with is a really bad feeling about the winter this year.
* The movie was "Sunshine Cleaning". I laughed, I got my heartstrings tugged, I laughed some more, I had a puke burp, and then I laughed some more. The maggots were a nice touch, too.
* Here's hoping that Kittyluv gets some good news on the hepatic front in the near future.
* Seems like the only place I can catch up with Dhawk is down on the farm.
* Things have been oddly slow at work lately, even with the return of the NIU students. No real complaint there, just more of an observation. The main thing looming on the health care horizon seems to be trying to get ready for the mass paranoia of swine flu. *sigh* why this one is hanging around I don't know. I guess the mass populace is no longer afraid of monkeypox, Ebola, avian flu, SARS, and anthrax (along with other fad diseases I have no doubt forgotten). I have heard that the swine flu virus is already mutating due to over and improper use of anti-viral drugs. So, even though it wasn't much of a threat before, we're trying to push it into being one as fast as we can. Y'know....I sense a government conspiracy here. Somehow, the Dems are using the whole swine flu thing to push America into becoming a communist state! I mean, this whole "swine flu" thing wasn't even out there till Bush left office, right? And just that word, "swine". Don't the terrorists have a thing about "swine"?? I knew Bin Laden was in on this whole thing!! If you get the sniffles, the terrorists win!!
* Apparently Bruce Willis is still out there making movies. I had no idea. I've seen a couple of ads for a sci-fi flick called 'Surrogates' that he is starring in. Who knew?
* The idea of having skylights installed in the living room has pretty much been dropped. In it's place is the idea of getting tube lights put in. For those of you who either don't know, or don't give a crap, a tube light is basically a flexible conduit lined with reflective material that has a housing on the roof to let in light, and a lens on the other end to let light into the room. That way, the opening in the roof ends up being a 10-12" circle, which is much less invasive. Another neat trick is that you can put one dome on the roof, and split the tube so that it illuminates 2-4 lenses inside the house. We are currently in the process of getting estimates for one of these neat little assemblies.
* If I ever find out who it was who rented and then didn't bother to return the first disc of season 2 of Rescue Me, I will be kicking someone's ass.
* Disney is buying Marvel?!?!? WTF?!?!? Is NOTHING sacred?? That's almost as bad as when Wizards of the Coast bought TSR.... But the sure sign of the end of the world will be when Disney buys Wal-Mart, or vice-versa. Soon, all will be Wal-Mart. Or all will be Disney. Wait a sec....One ruling body that says what can and can't be....One entity with a lock on the market and the media....Oh crap!! It's another socialist conspiracy!! Disney and Wal-Mart both get a lot of stuff from China, and China is fulla them there Communists! Its a plot! Run away!! Run away!!
* Speaking as someone who often plays the part of an absolute literalist on TV, there are times when the spirit of something should override what is written (or not written, as the case may be). Dolphins can't carry your swimmers onto land. End of discussion.

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