Thursday, December 10, 2009

Delayed Jell-o Gratification Muffin Clusters

*OK, folks, it's December. Actually, it's late mid December. Furthermore, it's late mid December in northern IL. Just gotta love those double digit sub-zero wind chills. But yet, there are people out there who seem surprised by this occurrence. Some are even seem to be amazed that the pajama pants they're wearing aren't doing much to keep them warm. I think the whole lot of them should go lick a metal pole outdoors. And then, while they're stuck there, they should be nibbled on by hordes of overly enthusiastic deer. Maybe then every other sentence out of their mouths wouldn't be about how cold it is outside.

*That new blonde on Mythbusters that's taking Kari's place-with her I'm not too thrilled so far. There's just no hot science geek vibe happening there.

* Had to go to Menard's today to get the new vent fan for the bathroom. It's always just so damn amusing to drive around town the day after a burst of winter weather hits. Anyway, I get to the store, and was getting ready to get out of the car. I pull on the handle to open the door, and it just freakin snaps off in my hand. Well, crap. Wasn't expecting that to happen at all. Fumbled around for a few minutes until I came to the conclusion that it was basically impossible for me to get out of the car from that door unless I rolled down the window and climbed out. And I can tell you that that wasn't going to be happening. So now, I can get into my car from the driver's side, but if I want to get out of the car, I have to pick another door. Lots of fun climbing over the gearshift and parking brake in full winter gear. Called Motor Works when I got home to see just how much this was gonna cost me to get fixed. If I want the nice silver Mazda brand handle that matches all the other handles in the car, that's $110 (just for the part). Got that? A plastic door handle is $110. But, if I get the Ford Escape (which is basically what my car is) black plastic door handle, that's just $55. Go figure. Looks to me like I'm gonna have one mismatched door handle.

*The remodel of the master bath is coming along quite nicely. Having to be up at 0800 every day to let the contractor in is annoying. The notion that it may be painted and ready for tile by the end of the day Friday makes those kind of things a little easier to take.

*I have come to discover that even the hardest of wood is pretty easy to carve when you get into it while it's still wet inside. The downside is that it checks (splits) like crazy when it dries out. Good thing I like the way the finished product looks when that happens.

*I am in the process of adjusting my eating schedule. Since I come home every night from work and dive into the fridge (as the weight I've gained will testify), I am probably going to stop eating breakfast. Before you go and spout all kinds of nutrition nonsense to me, hear me out. When I get up at 0900, I'm rarely hungry. So, if I have breakfast when I get up only to turn around and have lunch at noonish, that doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Seems more reasonable to have a smaller meal type thing when I get home form work, and start the day with just some coffee or juice or something like that. Plus, I need to get back on the treadmill for the winter. Actually, I need to excavate the treadmill from the creeping pile of crap that has engulfed it, then I need to get back on it.

*It was right there. A mere click of the mouse away. Tempting me. Teasing me. One push of the finger, and it could have all been mine. A nearly complete collection of HeroScape items (with free shipping!!). And all I could do was watch it go by. CURSE YOU E-BAY FOR SHOWING ME SUCH LOVELY THINGS!!!!!!!

*The wife is making a slow comeback from whatever bug it was that has kept her ill for the past 10 or so days. Just as a point of interest, I have noticed today that my throat is becoming rather persistently scratchy. If I end up getting sick right before my vacation starts, or being sick over the course of my vacation, I shall be most put out.

*I swear that Lucy is going to make me shovel a patch of the yard just because she won't hunker her furry little butt down and do her business in the deep snow. Don't even bother telling me how spoiled my dogs are.


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