Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tubes of Glittering Seafood Paste

*A week of vacation time came and went before I knew it. Of course, I had my usual gargantuan list of things to do, and of course I got very little of it done. I'm not sure if I had finally caught a sample of whatever it was that had gotten the wife ill, or if I was in a depressive episode, or some of both. Whatever it was, I allowed it to burn through my vacation time without consequence. Could be a sinus infection. I'm a bit stuffy, but just on one side of my head. Doesn't hurt when I tap on my face, though. This whole whatever it is made me miss my holiday get-together with Jeweltiger, which I still have yet to be able to reschedule. The Pirate Queen also remains a rather vague notion on my calendar of events. And I still have no idea when Boots is going to have her appointment. I did get to meet some of the folks from the DRPGG, and it looks like that could be an amusing group to hang around with. Helm is already on the calendar, and I may fish for interest from others for tomorrow night.

*The people in my high school graduating class need to stop having birthdays. Right freakin now.

*Kittyluv dropped some good news on me, and hope things keep moving in a positive direction for her!

*While I admit that I have no idea why my pillow smelled like cookies, I do know why my scrubs smell like coffee.

*I had forgotten what an interesting, yet difficult, material bone is to work with. Makes me think I should go find where it is that my mini-hack drifted off to. Still, I intend to see what it is that I can do with some standard (read as: easily portable) hand tools before I go looking for new methods.

*It may not yet be the OFFICIAL HOLIDAY, but the wife and I got all of that nonsense out of the way on Friday. After 17 years (amazing as that is), we have managed to streamline the process a bit. This year I opted to increase the % chance of success of my gifts by increasing the overall number given, as well as doing all my shopping the same day the gifts were given. In an unusual turn of events, I somehow ended up with a 100% approval rating across the board. At the exact other end of the spectrum, the wife opted to go for one gift, which was chosen months ago. Unfortunately, also on the other end of the spectrum, I'm not at all sure if I like it. Given the amount of money tied up in it, it makes no sense to keep it if it won't get used (which is what I'm thinking the case may be). The flip side of that would be, I have no suggestions for a replacement gift of a similar magnitude. At the moment, I have no idea what to do.

*All the tile is in the master bath. No grout yet, but the tile is in. Looks like the arrival of the vanity may be the next thing that hangs up the progress of the work. The toilet and other fixtures we have already on site, but it turns out the vanity is going to arrive (possibly) a week later than we had been told it would. This has proved to be yet another annoyance for the wife, who is already aggravated about being displaced to the guest room by the construction.

*It was interesting to be right there when the Candyman finally achieved his long time dream. Just goes to show that if you don't put the time in, you won't get anything out.

*I may have found a bar for the tiki lounge. And for a mere $45!


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