Monday, December 28, 2009

Every "Kiss My Ass" begins with Kay

*Do not do business with Kay Jewelers. An attempt to do spomething nice for me turned into a nightmare for Pinklady when the Powers That Be of Kay Jewelers ducked into the bunker of corporate policy and refused to even consider the notion of customer satisfaction. So, don't do business with them, unless you have a masochistic streak...

*I think it would be accurate to say that there is more snow on the ground right now than there was at any point during the last winter. Suffice it to say, this does not amuse me in the least.

*Giftmas took waaaay too long this year. Apparently Zella and the MIL need to start unwrapping things in the last week of November to keep things moving along.

*Some people call it decor. In certain cases, I can agree with that label. Other times it's just endless amounts of crap stuck into every available space for unknown purposes.

*Brake pads, new rotors, valve cover gaskets, tires....and all I thought I was going to get her was the stupid remote start for her car.

*If you're gonna get to be good at it, you have to put the time in. Period.

*The $40 vintage bar is gonna cost me at least that much in materials to do the rebuild/rehab/refinish work. But it does look like it belongs with all the other things I've collected.

*If anyone else offers me a cookie or some other type of sweet treat, it is highly possible that my pancreas will leap out of my abdominal cavity in an exhausted frenzy and beat them up in a most savage manner.

*It's my own fault. I realize that now. I have nobody to blame but myself for the fact that Bones has been playing non-stop on my TV since the 18th of December. I knew she liked the show, which is why I got her the DVDs. I even like the show. But I don't think I could put the first four seasons on an endless loop and just keep watching it over and over again. Oh, well. If nothing else, it's keeping her entertained. Now if I could just get that stupid theme music out of my head...


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Kent Nerburn said...

If you enjoyed Neither Wolf nor Dog, you should pick up its sequel, The Wolf at Twilight. It's rare when I can catch someone who has just read NWND to tell them to go directly to WAT. They make for a good pairing.

Hope you got the brake pad and valve cover gasket problems solved. Cars and winter are NOT a good pairing.