Saturday, November 6, 2010

Appaloosa Donuts

*Just as soon as you start to wonder if your carving knife needs sharpening, that's when you lay your thumb open with it. Even then it's hard to say whether or not it needs to be sharpened, really.

*The streaming content of Netflix is highly addictive, and cheaper than purchasing tons and tons of DVDs. It just seems that new and advanced ways to waste time manage to find me.

*As of Monday, I struck the gong and declared my Quest complete. I was quite pleased to have done so a full 10 days before it was actually due, even though I can't take full credit for that. I was even more fortunate that my Sponsor was passing through the area on Thursday and was able to stop by and check out the finished product. I have managed to swap a day of work with someone in order to be able to attend the big Red Palms holiday gathering so it can be presented to a larger audience. After that it all rests in the cloven hooves of the Goat as to what my fate in the FOM will be.

*Big city crime has reared it's ugly head once again in DeKalb.

*I always buy too many limes. What it is that I think I'm going to do with them, I have no idea, but I usually do have a ton of them around.

*Had to dig around in my car to make sure that I had a scraper so I could clear off my windows after work tonight. That's something I really didn't miss doing over the past week or so. Scraping, that is. Not that I have some great affection for digging around in my car, but given a choice, that would be the activity I would choose. The digging, that is.

*I had a to-do list of things I wanted to get done while I was on vacation. I lost it. Have absolutely no idea where it went. Makes me wonder if 'loose this list' was on the list somewhere. Not that I can't figure out what needs to be done eventually, but vacation's over as of today, so it's time to make a new list, I guess. I know I need to do all the screens and windows. And check the gutters. I'm pretty sure the dogs were supposed to have a bath a month or so ago. Wheeeee. I think the mysterious disappearance of the list is starting to make some sense.

*The number of for sale, empty, and foreclosed houses in the subdivision around us continues to increase.

*The H'ween gathering was a blast. The process of getting things ready before and then taking things apart after is something I can live without, though. If I could just manage to have the party part without the rest, that would be fine with me. But, it was great that Steve managed to make it up for this one, even if he had to jet out fairly early the next day. Not a single one of the Easties managed to make the trek over, which did nothing to change my opinion of them. Also had quite a few other no shows, but we managed to keep ourselves pretty damn well entertained. Still can't really explain why there was glitter all over the place the next day. The empty cans and bottles? Those were a lot easier to explain.

*Even though the trees in back have only lost about 1/4 of their leaves, I don't think I can put off raking for too much longer. Unless I just plan on prying the leaves up in big frozen slabs.

*Even though I was offered a freshly cut down maple tree, I just don't have the room to store more stock wood. That means I've been gathering raw materials for too long and not doing enough in the area of production. It's also fairly obvious if you take a peek in my garage and see how much crap I have piled up in there. Not that now is a good time to be looking in my garage, since my current effort is focused on getting things cleaned up so Sheri can get her car in for the winter. Thus far, it just looks like a landfill exploded in there, and not much else. I am not greatly encouraged by this turn of events. And I haven't even begun to try and move anything to the indoor studio yet. Maybe setting yet another massive pile of stuff out for the garbage man would be a good way to start.

*Why in the world would I even be thinking about buying new game software when I have so many games that I already own that I've never finished?


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