Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ceramic Coconut Contacts

*Another entry into the category of 'Songs I Will Never, Ever, Ever, Ever Like' = "The Rose".

*Missed my chance to spend some time with Bluegirl while I was on vacation, and now she's headed back south. Hopefully I can catch up with her the next time she's relatively close to the stateline.

*There are a lot of questions that, on the surface, seem pretty damn simple. Then, when you start thinking about it, the problem ends up being whether or not you really want to know the answer to that question. It's really quite the genie in a bottle, that answer. Whether it's good or bad, once you hear it, you can't unhear it. And there have been several of those questions that I have pursued answers to only to discover, ultimately, that I really didn't want the answers. But the edges of those answers can sometimes be so sparkly and tantalizing that it's really hard to resist digging just a little bit more. Still, the lessons learned at the reunion should remind me that the way I recall things is hardly the most accurate or complete record of what actaully happened. And there were things that were just plain wrong. But there's always that hope that somehow, some element of that memory, some splinter of that feeling, some chunk of that fantasy could still be alive and well. But if I ask the question, do I really want to know the answer? That, my friends, is a really fucking hard thing to wrestle with. Especially when the computer leads you straight to one of those tantalizing, sparkly edges.

*I am letting Netflix take up way too much of my time. Really, how many bad 80's movies do you need to watch before you've had enough? But, I could have a Netflix subscription for several years before I'd reach the cost of what a new TV would run me. So, the dead TV just sits in the living room, and we watch things on the computer.

*"Sanctuary"- A TV show that's a cross between The X-Files and Noah's ark. Not at all impressive.

*"Dead Like Me"- Already seen them all, but still enjoying watching them. Doesn't hurt at all that Ellen Muth is quite the looker. I just think it's a shame that shows like this and Pushing Daisies get cut from the networks while things like Real Housewives and Jersey Shore go on to live disgustingly long lives.

*"Arrested Development"- Another show that while I've already seen them all, stands up really well to being watched, and enjoyed, all over again.

*"RED"- A movie we saw recently that had a really neat (but predictable) story, and a promising cast, but couldn't figure out what it wanted to be. So it wasn't really quite an action movie, wasn't really quite a buddy flick, and wasn't really quite a statement about the usefulness of seniors in our society. Too bad. Probably could have been a really good version of any one of those.

*"Hereafter"- I was intrigued by the notion of Clint Eastwood tackling a subject matter that was beyond his usual range of material. But, after seeing the movie, all I can really say is that I don't get it.

*For the second day in a row, the bone casting that I've been cleaning up has drawn blood. Yesterday, it was my right thumb, today it was my left thumb. I'm thinking that I should put that piece away for a while and work on something else.

*Been a bad couple of months for people loosing their pets to illness and old age. Makes me appreciate my stinky group of idiots.

*Have a small piece currently on the drafting table that's all ready for color. Rather than going with the usual palette, I'm going with purples on this one, just to be different. We'll see how it turns out. Proabaly do a spray mount on board and then drop the whole thing into an inexpensive frame. Might be a little less likely to end up in the pile of stuff under the couch if I do that.

*Is poetry more about rythym or rhyme? Beats me. At what point does poetry become song? Is there a difference between a song and a rap? Beats me x 2. It does seem to take a mindset that I'm not quite in at the moment, though. Or maybe I am in that mindset, but just haven't hit upon the right subject matter.

*Happy belated birthday to Eve! And thanks for the interesting take on what a vampire looks like.

*Good to hear that Kittyluv is getting back on track, and hopefully we'll be able to get together sometime soon.

*Got to see one of the new iPod Nanos close up today. Damn thing isn't even 2 inches square and might be all of 1/2 inch thick. Just way too damn small for someone with hands like mine. I have the Nano with the touch wheel, which isn't large by any stretch of the imagination, and this one is way smaller than that. Makes me think I may need to try and dig up one of the 'big' old iPods. At least that's something that would be easy for me to hang on to. I do like the nice screen on mine, even if it isn't touch sensitive. But (I never thought I'd say this), 8 gigs of storage for music just isn't enough for me. 16 sounds nice, but if I can't get that in a configuration that works for me, I may just have to hang on to what I have for a while longer.


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