Thursday, November 11, 2010

Rusty Fungus Bling

*Got one good run-through of yardwork done on Tuesday. Raked, mowed, cut down seasonal plants, and took a whole carload of stuff to the dumpsite. And after all that, I still had the backyard to do, and only a couple of hours of daylight left to do it in. What managed to save the day was when I caught Gray coming home from school and he asked me if I needed him to rake or mow. Having already spent most of the day working on the front yard, I was only too happy to hand off the back to him. So, all in all, the yard looks halfway decent, and it only cost me $20. Still need to tend to the windows, but I might do that this weekend, as long as I have a big-ass bottle of Windex.

*Rule to live by: If they like the box that the gift came in as much as they like the gift itself, that's a double bonus. But, if they like the box better, you're screwed.

*Bart and Steph are going to join us Saturday night as we make what could be our last pilgrimage out to Tiki Terrace on Saturday night. If the service then is no better than it is on the Ohana nights, we may have to scratch this place off our list.

*Could it be that I'm finally getting over this stupid cold? About damn time...

*I'm toying around with the notion of haivng a big mid-winter party. Or late winter. Six months from the end of October would be April. Guess I could make it a combo late winter/birthday thing. Not a whole lot going on at that time of year, so people might be in the mood for a good party.Maybe it could be called the Mid-March Moai Madness Mixer, Meeting, and Mash-up Melee. Or not.

*Sad to hear of yet another friend losing a pet. Condolences to the Pirate Queen.

*Never a good thing when you see a fresh wet spot under your car. Those usually end up costing many many hundreds of dollars. Not to mention that bike season is rapidly coming to a close, so the idea of being without a vehicle really sucks.

*The outdoor studio has been officially disbanded for the year. Still got some things out in the garage that need to be rearranged, but the carving table is in it's winter home, and all the 25's have joined it.The snowshovels have been brought down from the wall, and the snowblower is on it's way for a pre-season tune-up. And I still hate the fact that I need those things at all. But, more importantly, she can now get her car in out of the weather. And I got it done before the stated deadline.

*A quick run to CJ's netted me a cool, one-of-a-kind tiki cookie jar and a nice Hawaiian shirt. I should probably make it a point to check for things there more often.


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Darrin.. said...

Nice! You should post a pic of the cookie jar and shirt!