Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Asthmatic Weasels

(originally written 3-10-11)

*I am about to explode from a massive, unresolved case of Spring Fever. Oh, and did I mention that it might snow tomorrow?
*Closing in on one week left till I need to have the St. Mary's tiki completed. Need to wander over to Menard's and find the stain I want to use. Something low odor would be nice, since I won't be able to work on it in the garage. Maybe a gloss. Haven't decided yet. Could just slap a coat of tung oil on it, for that matter. May also have to scratch the necklace idea unless I have a sudden burst of insight on how I can do it.
*Sheri's newest addiction: 'The Closer'. Seems like every few days a new season's worth of episodes getting delivered to the house.
*Will I be able to master the technique of the Tiki of the Twelve Cuts? Only time will tell....
*Ginger brandy: disappointing. Applejack: disappointing. Getting another dud bottle of Xtabentun: disappointing. Having to retool your cocktail list mere days before a party: disappointing.
*I need a MAME cabinet like I need multiple parasitic infections and open weeping sores. Doesn't keep me from wanting one though.

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