Friday, May 20, 2011

Not Quite Like Meringue

*Been at least a couple of months since I posted, as I was recently reminded by someone in a none-too-subtle manner. In that span of time, I aged another year and spent some time in Vegas. I'm sure there were some other things that went on, but right at the moment, I can't really recall too many of them. Must not have been all that important.

*Summer-like weather seems to be finally easing back into the NI area. Got the window cracked as I sit here, and the fresh, cool breeze is a nice compliment to the beer I'm currently drinking. The screen is up in front of the garage, and so the summer studio season has officially kicked off as well. As a side bonus, there have been no mosquito encounters yet this season. Not that I believe that will last for too much longer.

*Team Horrible all the way, baby!

*Had my first decent score at the local Goodwill store in quite a long time on Wednesday. Walked out with 7 new (to me) games and a nice Hawaiian shirt. All for 22 bucks. I'm such a cheap date sometimes. So far, I have been pleasantly surprised to find the games I've checked to be complete and in good shape. Guess this means I'll have to start hanging around with the DeKalb gamer's group again so I can start getting some table time in.

*Thus far, Baby Monkey has no plans for the upcoming 3 day holiday weekend. Although, a road trip to Peoria isn't out of the question. But I would not be returning with a desk, FYI.

*The Blue Moai Room is now officially closed for the summer (except for the odd special invite event here and there). Figured it was time to take a break from the monthly thing while people were on summer vacation, the kids were out of school, and other things of that sort. Plus, attendance has been sliding, so that figures in as well. There might actually be some remodeling going on there this summer as well. I will stress the word 'might'. As much as I would like to do some work, there are other home projects that need to be considered, and the overall budget picture is starting to tighten up. So, I'm thinking that may just end up on hold for a while. After the summer and flea market season settles down, we may switch over to doing a 3X a year thing, or something like that. Or not. Don't really know just yet. Not like I've even managed to get any of the display items shuffled around at all.

*From the looks of the trailer I saw on Yahoo!, the remake of "Fright Night" looks like it's really gonna be lousy. Given, I understand that the original wasn't anywhere near the greatest film of all time, but I still really like it. So, it kinda blows when someone has to go and mess it all up. Why couldn't they remake something like "Steel Magnolias", for cripes sake? And while I'm on the topic of remakes/sequels, I will not be running out to see the newest POC movie. I still haven't gotten all the stink out of my nose from the last one.

*"The Expendables": I really wasn't expecting much from this movie, and I actually ended up getting quite a bit less than the little that I was expecting. It was pretty visually slick for the most part, and had some good one liners, but that just wasn't enough to make much of anything out of it. Luckily, I had chips and dip to keep me distracted from just how bad it was.

*Bike commuting season starts next Monday for me, and the boss has re-expressed her yearly list of dislikes surrounding this activity. It's not like I would actually enjoy getting squished by a car or anything. I really should find my headlight before I hit the road at night, though.

*Wish I had thought of this method for 'erasing' playing cards when I was working on my first game. Would have saved me from all the time I spent making my own. Now I just have to see if I can get this new game pulled together in time for Ohana. Like I really need something else to be working on for Ohana. Still, I would like to get it done. Get my name known around the FOM for something other than my tiny primate companion. Fingers crossed.

*I have little to no interest in doing any gardening this season, but I also have no desire to have a huge weed patch growing right next to the front door. Again. Therefore, some minimal degree of planting /weeding/watering is going to be in my future. Plus, I promised Mel that I'd buy some seed packets from her. Maybe I can get all the perennials set this year. Of course I think I said that last year. Same goes for the dead zone around the maple in back. The boss has hinted that I should consider doing something about it. Soon. When I tell her that all I'd need to do to fix it would be to cut down all the trees in the neighbors' yards she gets all cranky. Don't know why. It's a perfectly reasonable solution.

*Need to check and see if the eggs in the robin's nest atop our backyard floodlight have hatched yet. Neat experience to watch, but any baby birds that can't make that first flight successfully will most likely end up as dog snacks.

*"Black Swan": Watched it, was intrigued and occasionally disturbed by it, but still don't completely get it. I kinda like that in a movie.

*Zero luck in our first run at garage sales this season. Plus, as a general rule, garage sales in more affluent neighborhoods tend to suck. I'm thinking that I should just stick with estate sales, and maybe an auction or two here and there.

*Ideas for Da Munky Hut continue to percolate around in my brain. Unfortunately, I have no thatching.

*Washing the dogs, paying the bills, and doing paperwork. That's a sucky way to start the weekend.


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