Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sprouting Shrimp Slippers

(Originally published 12-20-12)

*Well, they're still calling for nasty nasty weather tomorrow. Yippee. The possibility of 7" of snow right out of the gate could really screw things up. Not to mention the rain we're supposed to have in the morning before the snow starts. But the shovels and the snowblower are out, accessible, and ready to go. Here's the question I have, though: Just how damn miserable will it be outside if there actually are 60 MPH winds tomorrow?

*The dishwasher is still dead(ish), with a projected repair date of sometime early next year. That news has made someone in the house very, very crabby. The other person in the house really couldn't care less.

*What would my top ten ZZ Top songs be? That was the interesting question I was recently asked. I am currently formulating an answer.

*Thus far, I am not thrilled with the seemingly tiny selection of widgets that are available on Wordpress, and the small number that can be used per page layout. I actually enjoyed the widgets that I had on my Blogger page, silly as they may have been. Maybe I just have to work my way over the learning curve before I get used to this new site.  Did manage to figure out how to embed YouTube videos today, though.

*Why in the world would I even be considering moving anywhere other than somewhere warm right now??

*In response to the many complaints about the high school students speeding through the neighborhood, the city put up a bunch of stop signs and posted a 25 MPH neighborhood speed limit. In my opinion, that should work better than the speed bumps that a lot of people were wanting. Guess I'll have to wait until I'm home on a school day to see if all that has had any noticeable effect on the traffic, though.

*Here's hoping that Steph makes it safely down to TX before the weather closes in.

*The garage has now been sufficiently cleaned, cleared, and rearranged to admit Sheri's car. Yay for small victories. In the process of doing that, I did toss out a bunch of stuff that I had been saving, which always annoys me. I was annoyed to throw out the cardboard boxes because it means that the purple room is as cluttered and messy as it's ever been. I was annoyed to throw out the huge styrofoam coolers because it was an indication of just how little art I am producing. I was annoyed to move one of the piles of maple to the back patio for the same reason (as well as the fact that it had checked beyond belief). Don't really care for that much confirmation that I'm to not getting a lot of things done.

*"Cowboys and Aliens": a movie that somehow managed to be duller than a melted stick of butter.  And considerably less interesting.

*Ebay is a bad bad bad evil naughty place. Just way too many things that I'm interested in there. From Heroscape stuff to pinball machines to old medical texts, they have it all......Dammit.


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