Sunday, December 30, 2012

Weasel Pants

 *This was originally published on 12.19.12

*Went hunting up in Volo on Monday. Already having regrets about a couple of things I should have grabbed. Also wondering what I missed in that last building. Still, made a pretty good haul out of somewhere we hadn't been in years. Picked up a nice Fu Manchu mug, which is something I haven't gone out of my way to acquire before. But, all the other Fu Manchus I've seen didn't have a stamp (or the remainder of a stamp, in this case) from the Hala Kahiki on the bottom. Also found an orange Orchids hula girl mug. The finish is dinged and the mug itself is cracked, but I've never seen one in the wild, so I grabbed it. Found a big black tiki decanter, too. If I remember right, Riptide found one of these not too long ago. I'll have to get a picture of it posted, as it is quite cool. Got a nice rattan magazine rack to complement the other rattan furniture downstairs. Should also give me a place to put actual magazines as well. Found a pin-up from a 1952 calendar that will be really nice when I get it framed. And, since I'm still having AD+D nostalgia, I bought a copy of the Fiend Folio that I happened to run across. Bought a cheap medical/surgical book from the late 1800's that is both fascinating and scary. There are also things that I have read in it that made me laugh out loud, most of which would technically fall under the 'scary' category. Sheri found me a nice Hawaiian girl bust that was in a case full of Sriner fezzes. I bought the bust, since it actaully had pleasant features. I was tempted to buy one or both of the fez cases that were also in that booth, but since I don't actually have my fez yet, I don't know if it would fit in either of the cases I saw. Plus, they had Shriner logos on them that would need to be covered up or removed. Lastly, I found a board game from 1977 that just had to come home with me. It's called Dungeon Dice, which is another reason it had to come home with me. It wasn't quite what I thought it would be when I read the name on the box. I was thinking it would be something along the lines of Dungeon, but it turned out to be a game where you are prisoners trying to be the first to escape from the dungeon of a castle. It's got a pretty simple diced based mechanic, and a really cool board. The entire center of the bifold board is cut out to allow for the insertion of a gray plastic tray that you roll the dice in. The cool part is that it actually is molded to look like a stone chamber, thus reinforcing the dungeon theme. Even better is the fact that it is only missing one card, and that card isn't really necessary to play the game. What's bad is I'm wondering if I droppped that card when I was looking through the box to see if the game was complete.

*My hair is fine. Fine, in this context, is a textural description. On the other hand, I still have a lot of hair, which can thusly be described as thick, an indicator of density. Ergo, I need to find a different pomeade to use.

*Winter storm watch is in effect for Thursday. Actually the first one of the winter season, if I remember right. Guess I should go and get gas for the snowblower just in case it actually ends up doing something outside. And I need to get the shovels to a place where I can reach them. And get the garage settled to the point that Sheri can get her car in. Looks like tomorrow will be busier than I first thought it would be.

*I love my "Daily Comics" app. That is all.

*Had one of those moments when I had a fleeting insight into the way things are lined up in my brain. Got a flash of how things between dad and work are similar, which touched off some super weird dreams. Since the processing of that data is causing some turmoil, I think turning that rock over a little further might be a good thing. Might help me drop some baggage and get out from under a few shadows. Might just also involve a change of career.

*Got half a mind just to write a check to Honda and pay off the balance of what I owe on my car. Of course, just as soon as I do that, Sheri's car will crap out completely, and we'll still end up with a car payment.

*I think I should work on copyrighting the term "nut funk".

*Gonna be doing my new blogging from here on Wordpress. Hopefully, I can avoid the entanglements that caused me to stop posting over on Blogger. Luckily, importing all that content over to here was a snap. Now I just need to go on the hunt for widgets and layouts.

*Beer has made me fat. Actually, drinking beer has made me fat. I don't want to be fat. I really dislike jiggling when I walk. Thus, it seems the solution, at least in part, is to stop drinking beer. Other parts would include the obligitory exercise and the mandatory eating better. But, since it has taken me over a year to get to where I am, I don't see it taking any less time than that to get back to where I was. Of course, I come to this realization at the time of the year when the house is being flooded with all sorts of sweet treats. Still, if I can't get started on this now, the odds of me being able to do it later are pretty poor. I know that I'd rather enjoy the benefits of my doctor perscibed medications than the percieved benefits of my self perscribed medications.


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