Thursday, September 11, 2008

Can't Get There From Here.....

  • Back to the grind tomorrow. Three days on, then 12 off. Like dad used to say, 'Just quit your complaining and get back to work'. Frickin yay.
  • Nice to spend some time out of the house and back into the world of gaming. May actually blow the dust off the collection yet. Even thought this second encounter may end up prompting me to drop $80 bucks on a couple of rulebooks. Thanks a lot, Trotz...
  • One estimate in so far for the furnace. Two more to go. Another 4K to spend that we don't actually have.
  • Kinda sorta touched base in a fleeting way with the Amazon. Can't help but think the cow scared her off, though.
  • Last time I checked, Oregon and Arizona are rarely mistaken for each other. That leaves me to chalk this change of plans up to the seeming wanderlust inherent in Dhawk's nature. Maybe after this, that restless wind will finally calm down. Either way, I better have a reserved space in the hot tub.
  • Bluegirl seems to be content to leave me running under my own power for now. Hoping I can keep that rolling.
  • Looks like we're gonna be in for a rainy weekend. That means no biking to work. Rats.
  • Had a lot of fun sparring with Dimples the past couple of days. Just hope I don't end up face down in a ditch somewhere in Peoria county.
  • No more WoW for me. In the end, it was just too boring. That just leaves me to find some other computer based thing to obsess over for a while. Any suggestions?
  • For no real reason other than the fact that I wanted to work outside in the sun, I edged the driveway and half the sidewalk. By hand. Now, if we get some rain, I can do the other half while the ground is soft.
  • I am out of cookies.
  • I still think Valerie Bertinelli is cute. Jennifer Beals, too.
  • After years of collection junk of every size, shape, and configuration, could it be time to clean out the garage and say so long to that area of artistic pusuit? Are brushes and chisels the way forward for me? Not sure....
  • The use of solder involves heat. The heat melts the solder. The solder is metal. The melted solder can drip. Drips obey the laws of gravity. Hot melted liquid metal solder dripping on your partially bare foot HURTS!!!!! Just in case you were wondering.
  • Free ping pong table for anyone out there who wants it. Complete with accessories. All you got to do is come and get it.

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