Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Adhesive Cucumber Suspender Bumpers

**I thought that with it not having really rained much for the past couple of weeks, the population of mosquitoes may have declined. WRONG!!! That should teach me to be wandering around outside at twilight...

**I have restarted my efforts to catalog my entire tiki collection. Partly so I can have a record for the insurance company, and partly so I can have a better idea myself of just what all I have. My intent is to do small, but numerous, installments until the whole thing gets done. Now that I'm kinda getting the gist of good ways to take the pictures, I'm hoping the process will go fairly smoothly. Be sure to check the link I'm going to post and keep watching as I keep adding pictures!

**For those of you keeping score at home, the total count of "Number of Times I've Wrecked on My Bike" now stands at 1 for the year.

**Played my first game of Tiki Topple the other night. Ended up getting into a considerable debate regarding the limitations of the Tiki Toast card with Pinklady. I'm still undecided, but do have to agree that that particular card's potency is limited in the 2 player game. In the 3 and 4 player game I think that card will have a much greater impact. I don't agree with her proposition that that particular card should be universal in effect, and not limited to the bottom tiki in the stack. Seems like a quick, simple game that could be played by just about any mixed group. Plus it's really, really purty. And yes, I lost the first game I played.

**It's amazing how much better I feel now that I'm exercising and back on a mostly meat-free diet.

**Got a clear checkup from the dermatologist this week. With the rather rapid approach I seem to making to 40, and the slight, but still present, idea of getting more tattoos I thought it might be a good idea to get things looked at. No ragingly cancerous skin thingies as of now. I do have the beginnings of some scaly brown old person growths, though. Supposedly those are harmless and inherited. Makes me wonder where in the good ol' family tree that gem came from. But, on the other hand, the dermatologist was quite a cutie herself. Good skin, you know.

**Still have NO idea where my HATWB disc wandered off to. Am digging "Cold Snap" by Weeping Tile, though.

**Learned a $6 lesson about impulse shopping on Monday. Swung by Big Lots! in the hopes that I might find some discounted tiki items, now that every store on the planet is closing out summer items. Of course, I did manage to find a couple of things, but I made my mistake when I started rummaging through the discounted software bin. For no other reason that I happened to be there, and I was in the mood to have something new and sparkly, I found a title that looked somewhat promising, and added it to my other purchases. Once I got home and had a moment, I loaded it up onto the computer. Then I tried to start it. Got a nice little pop-up box that said, and I'm just paraphrasing here, 'Your computer sucks so incredibly bad!! Why are you even trying to run this program, dumbass!?!?' So, in essence, I threw $6 out the window. Any want an open copy of "Monster Madness: The Battle for Suburbia"? Did I mention it's only $6??

**Nice to know that Dhawk is still surviving-apparently out in Sherwood Forest, if Facebook is to be believed.

**I need to find one of those metal bed frames made out of angle steel. I'm thinking that it would greatly assist my efforts to get logs loaded into the back of my car if I had a couple of those long rails. Of course, I had a whole pile of them until I cleaned out the garage and took all that scrap material to be recycled. Go figure. I also need some cheap folding chairs that I can hack part of the legs off of so that they're short enough to be used at my current game table. Hmmmmm. Sounds like I need to go hit some garage sales.

**Going to thin out the furniture herd a bit this weekend. The loveseat/chaise/lounge thingy has found a new home and will be moving there on Saturday. Once that's gone, we can look at the whole living/dining room area again and contemplate our next options. If it wasn't for the damn TV, we could rearrange things pretty much as we pleased. And I just happen to see a nice, and almost square, dining room table while we were out the other day. It would take up less room than our current one, would be nice for playing games at, and does have a leaf, so it can expand a bit when needed. I mean, since we have all those formal dinner parties and such, how could we not have an expandable table? The down side would be spending more money on something that doesn't need to be replaced. The up side would be having a nice table that I could take downstairs and use in my studio. Just gonna hafta wait and see how things look once that loveseat is gone. My other thought was to take the seldom used guest room (<1 time per year, since we've moved in), and convert it into a library-ish space. I also want to rework the office. That ancient desk has just got to go. Here I am, thinking about all this stuff, and I still haven't gotten the frame of the sliding door stained. Oops. Guess I should take care of some of the little things first.


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