Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Day That Never Ended...

**Once again, it seems to be October outside. The brief dose of summer that we had gotten has vanished beneath a covering of grey clouds and a near-constant misting of rain. I am beginning to become annoyed by the whole process.

**Of course the dogs will misbehave. They're dogs. It's part of what they do. However, it does seem that the degree to which they misbehave increases greatly when I am not around the house. That would explain why I got a phone call from Pinklady while on my lunch break today informing me that all three of the beasts had found something in the yard worth enthusiastically rolling in. Lovely. Just freakin lovely. This had to happen on the evening when she's not only right on the edge of a migraine, she's supposed to be on her way out of town tomorrow. And, from the sound of things, she doesn't have anything ready to go yet. Guess I'll have to call her and try to get her to push her schedule back a day, or at least not leave till after lunch or so. This episode will no doubt become one more page in the great book of "Do You Know What Your Dogs Did Today???"

**My insolence managed to push Tanazzz right over the edge tonight. How offended do you think someone should get when you imply that perhaps god wants them to be a lesbian? I think it will be a while before I hear from her again. Maybe I should go hang out with the Jewish Giant...

**In the midst of wasting a bit of time on the 'net today, I happened to wander over to and found another neat game that falls into the category of "Cute and Violent"
The first two entries in this category are "Pillage the Village" and "The Black Knight". My new entry is called "Fragger" and is a highly addicting, physics based, grenade tossing game. Head on over and give it a try.

**An unexpected 4.5 hours of OT has just landed in my lap. Pinklady is gonna be VERY displeased. Not to mention that I was already starting to get a tad yawny. Right now 3AM is a looooong ways off. Even visions of dancing dollar signs can't change that.

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