Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bacon Eyeglasses

**It was an uneventful weekend as far as flea markets went. Saturday we stuck around the house, and Sunday we made our way down to Sandwich. I am firmly convinced that show is on the last toenail of it's last toe of it's last foot of it's last shin of it's last leg. Used to be that you could barely finish seeing all the dealers before the show would start getting ready to close for the day. Now you can just about see all the dealers before you finish you first cup of coffee. Sad. Well, sad on a number of levels. Sad because now I'm gonna have to drag my ass halfway across the state to hit a decent flea market. Anyway, we got down to Sandwich right around 0900 and proceeded to run our usual east to west pattern across the fairgrounds. Even from the last time we were there, the number of dealers had decreased, and there were no other major shows going on that day. We managed to clear the whole show in under 2.5 hours. All I came away with were 2 Steven Crane ashtrays and a nice card game from 1983. At least it was a good day to be outside walking around. Hopefully Kane Co will be better this coming weekend.

**Finally manged to touch base with Trotz. The games may start hitting the table yet this summer.

**Call it a swamp or call it a marsh-it's all the same to me. The smell doesn't change. However, the view can be significantly altered by the company you keep.

**In my recent efforts to again try to catalog my entire tiki collection, I have not found it unusual for me to take close to 200 pictures, only to whittle down the final number to 40or so. Just not sure yet if any additional skill I acquire with the camera will help offset that proportion. But for the most part, the project is going smoothly. Taking the pictures is proving to be the least time intensive part of the process. Editing, uploading, and then labelling them takes far longer. Which reminds me that I still have a bunch sitting over on Flickr that I haven't done anything with yet. Gauging by the number of views I'm getting, I don't need to kill myself to get it done in a hurry. And just as a point of curiosity, would a set of salt and pepper shakers count as one item or two?

**Some games on Facebook basically suck. Farm Town and Robin Hood: boooooring. Not only boring, but they try and get you to put money into it to make it less boring. No thank you. Farkle is OK, except that they also have a buy-in feature. Ugh. Guess I will continue to spend my "casual gaming" time over at
Armor Games(Shameless plug).

**After reading my e-mails at work on Monday, I find myself reminded that some things, no matter how well you could do them, aren't worth the effort without significant reward.

**I need to go get some gas so I can mow the front yard. Or, I need to go get some gas so I can just burn the front yard down to the dirt. Either or.

**The garage continues to collect items that once resided in the house proper. The person who wanted the chaise has yet to come get it, but at least getting it out of the living room gave us the space we needed to move all the remaining big pieces around in order to get things to look a bit more spacious. Over discussions of color and accents, the subject of skylights has once again come to the forefront. I still like the idea, and since one of the primary problems is the amount of dark colored materials in the room, it make sense to me that the first step towards solving that would be to make sure the lighting in the space is adequate. Of course It would also be important for us to do adequate research to find the right kind of skylight and save up adequate amounts of money to pay for the whole mess. And I still have a fundamental problem with making holes in a roof where there were none before.

**And what the fuck did I do to mess up my neck this time?!?!

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