Monday, July 13, 2009

Ballistic Gumdrop Nephrons

**I think that driving on IL 39/51 (in either direction) could be one of the most excruciatingly boring things I do on a semi-regular basis.

**My new favorite incredibly addicting junk food fix: Cheddar and Jalapeno Cheetos. I love them, so no doubt, they will stop making them.

**I don't find towns like LaRose creepy because they only have 400 residents. I find towns like LaRose creepy because you can drive through them in the middle of the afternoon on a nice Saturday and not see a single, solitary person out and about. That's creepy.

**A Gracias Muy Grande to JohnnyLaw for his recent donation to my tiki collection!!

**You'd think that since a week has gone by, my little head would just be full to bursting with all sorts of interesting tidbits to write about. Mostly, my head is full to bursting with a just-barely-there headache, that doesn't want to go away, which puts quite a damper on the creative process. It's a very Monday-at-work kind of headache.

**Kudos to Lil P on her new addition to the family! Just make sure you don't dress him funny...

**When I go to the art department at VCB, the last thing I expect, or want, to run into is an endless rampaging horde of 'tweener soccer camp girls. The only saving grace was that none of them were actually milling about in the art department.

**My car is supposed to go in on Thursday to finally have the right rear control arm replaced. Good that the last of the accident damage is being taken care of a mere 3 months after the original event. I was informed that it should only take 1 day to do it. I'm really thinking I won't be holding my breath, even though it is my day off and I shouldn't need a car. But while they're at it, I think I could use some new wipers. Or maybe I'll go look at that blue Ranger again. It's got new wipers on it.

**Adding a couple more pieces to the tiki collection courtesy of a Barnes and Noble pop-up ad. I'll be keeping an eager eye on the doorstep until that package arrives.

**The delivery of the dragon went smoothly on Saturday. I still retain the right as creative director to not be completely satisfied with the end product, but the members of the CroClan were all quite happy with it, so I guess I'm outvoted. It was good to see that CroMom is doing better, and the only thing that seems to have changed about CroDad over that past few decades is the amount of hair he has left. It was also good to see CroMag's awesome new office space, at long last. I also got a preview of The Roomie. I can only expect that to be a situation that continues to unfold in one interesting layer after another. With 5 cats involved, how can it not?

**It is not a comforting thought at all that I missed out on the Calvins just because I couldn't stay awake.

**Pinklady wanted to see "Knowing", so she rented it and we watched it (Neat how that works, huh?). It reminded me of "Signs" in that it was a pretty good flick right up until the very end of the movie. Then it crapped out, or so I thought. It also had a sort of "X-Files" vibe about it too, which is neither here nor there. But the more I think about it, the more I like the essence of the end. Therefore, I will now alter my opinion and declare that I find it to be comfortingly agnostic. Up next in the DVD player, a recommendation from the Pirate Queen: "Gran Torino".

**I think I should have bought that copy of "Heathers" that I had in my hands the other day. Whatever happened to Christian Slater, anyway?


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