Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Act VII, Scene 10- Interior, Hospital Laboratory, Evening

**I am allowing myself to get waaaay too sidetracked watching episodes of Rescue Me. Curse you, o Pirate Queen, for visiting this fascinating plague upon me!! And be ye doubly cursed for knowing that I would get that theme song stuck in my head!

**Even though the HeroScape map I have laid out is over 4' wide, I just don't seem to be getting the sense of scale I thought I would. Another question that arises is that if a human, or humanoid, is considered to be medium sized, what gets figured as small? And just how the hell do you straighten a warped harquebus?

**It was so nice to hear from BlueGirl yesterday! And just as nice to know that the blue was still in use!

**I still have no idea what to get Cromag, nor have I figured out how to get urine out of hooker boots.

**Even though I have delayed my move for weeks and weeks, I can still only see defeat ahead of me on the chess board.

**Is the movie Napoleon Dynamite something you really need to see in ultra-mega-hi-definition?

**Got Big B kinda sorta in line for Monday, haven't heard from Trotzke, and if needed I could probably grab Grey-San. But, if I do end up out at IKEA (again...), that could make for an almost uncomfortably full day. Still, the terrain is all laid out, and there are so many colorful dice that need to be bounced...

**It looks like I am going to have just tons of butterfly weed seeds this year.

**Off to Vegas for H'ween?? Boy, does that sound tempting...

**I think I know what to get Pinklady for her B-day.

**My theory is that if there is a detail of some sort there, it is meant to draw your attention and make you look, and therefore looking is a non-slappable event.

**As nice as it looks, I am going to have to replace the light that is currently over the game table with something that's got a lot more oomph.

**Anyone interested in a box full of books and other stuff all about Wicca?

**Giant Cheetos!?!?! Is this really something the world needed??

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