Wednesday, October 21, 2009

All Those In Favor...

I am changing the name of my game group/club. This has proven to be a less than difficult task, since I am the only member thus far. I voted in favor of the change, I seconded the motion, I voted in favor of it, and it passed (with a 100% majority, I might add). SMGSLT has now become WSLS. I will be trying yet again to enlist members during my time off, but if there isn't some noticeable improvement in my mood, the outlook for success seems dim. The general low that has settled in has also kept me from finishing the HeroScape map that is now sprawled across the game table. If I do manage to complete it, then it needs to be playtested to see if it's even functional as a game map. If it is, then I have to reverse engineer it in order to be able to map it and reproduce it at a later date. Or, I'll just give up on it and put it back into the cabinet. I hope not, but it's not outside the realm of possibility. I will make the good faith effort to try and establish some more connections with others, since it may be something that's needed to try and get me out of this insular slump that I seem to be settling into. Anyone up for some RoboRally?

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