Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tasty Drainage

* It was really good to see Steve this weekend, but it would have been a lot more fun had all of us been feeling better. The show at Zanies was good (the front row center seats didn't hurt), even though we would have had better luck finding a place to park if we had started looking when we were still in DeKalb. The flea market on Sunday was decent, except for the ridiculously low temps that started the day. 'Zombieland' was pretty darn entertaining too. Not as entertaining as two shaved cats, but still pretty entertaining.

* I should not have downloaded the program for Dungeons and Dragons Online. Me like. Me like a lot. Much better them WoW, IMHO. Head on over to ddo.com and check it out! For now I'll start Cromag on Peggle and work him up from there.

* Great. I seem to have picked up some unwanted microbe at some point in the recent past. Whatever it is seems to be making a solid effort to establish a new home inside my head. Nothing like feeling moderately pukey and just slightly off balance all the time.

* There is a chance for snow in the forecast for next week. Oh. Freaking. Joy. I'm just seeing all of the leaves dropping off of the trees at once, getting wet before I have a chance to rake them, and then freezing into a solid grass killing mass that stays in place till next May. Whoopee. Plus, there is no room for the wife's car in the garage, which is a big no-no for cold weather conditions.

* Once again, the studio has been rescued from the constantly creeping piles of crud that threaten to overwhelm it. All the stuff piled here and there just constantly reduces my ability to actually make use of the space. And, if I can' t use the space, there's really no point in having it. So I put in a solid burst of concentrated cleaning effort, and now I can actually get to and use my drafting table.

* I hear there's a position open down at VWCH....Hmmmmm.

* The only score from this weekend's Kane Co flea market was a lamp. It was in the last aisle of the last building we went through. Furthermore, it was the only thing I found in the whole place. I forgot to call Scott to have him bring the cases with the tiki necklaces and the guy who's been supplying me with board games didn't bring any with him this time around. The coffin lid wasn't there either. Sheri wouldn't let me buy a tombstone from the 1870's, and the total number of dealers there was down by about 1/3. But, I got lucky and found a rattan lamp. A most awesome looking rattan lamp, I must say. Not to mention expensive. Probably a lot more than I would have paid for a lamp normally, but the thought of leaving the flea market empty handed always has a way of loosening up my wallet. Plus I think I now have all the accent lighting I need for the basement. One more run to Ikea, and it should be ready for the grand unveiling...

* I need to plunge the drain in my sink.

* My 11# shipment of plastic from Florida is due to arrive on Thursday, which also happens to be my day off. Yay! Unfortunately, there has been no response from Neil regarding his interest in doing some gaming that night. Boo! So, I may just end up playing with all my new toys by myself. *sniff* *sniff*


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