Monday, October 19, 2009

Short Bus

=Game night #2 tanked completely. But, to keep in the flavor of the evening, I dragged out all of my HeroScape terrain sets and got started on constructing a monstrous map. So far, I've managed to cover more than half of the game table, and I'm not quite sure I'm going to be able to accomplish what I want to do. May just be time to drag out a bigger table. Or maybe move to the floor. As far as another game night, I think I may just throw open the doors for the two weeks that I'm off and try again. As much as I would like to get really upset by this turn of events, I must realize that it could take some amount of time before a stable nucleus of players develops. Got to find out what the hell is up with Big Bri and maybe have a poker night to appease Sammie.

=I think the free crappy coffee at work may be killing my taste for coffee in any other format or location.

=Perhaps we're going to have an Indian sumer here after all. The near freezing temps have retreated back into Canada leaving daytime seasonal highs in the 50-60 degree range behind.

=I have no idea what I'm going to be doing during my time off. Maybe I should run down to Peoria and see what's going on, or try to stir something up to do. All I know for sure is that we are not going to Vegas, and I am as yet unsure if Sheri is going to MN. Another sure thing is that if I do not manage to get the door stained and the basement completed in that time frame, I may well never hear the end of it. And not in an amusing way. Oh, and I have to take all the screens out and wash the windows.

=The garage is still so clogged with stuff that Sheri can't get her car into it. So, why would I even be considering going to the hospital's garage sale this Friday?

=I have absolutely no explanation for the appearance of ZZ Top in not one, but two, different dreams on two different nights. does indeed have free unlimited play. Up to a level cap of 4....out of 20.

=Today is the day of the leopard, or so I am told.

=Another estimate for the bathroom remodel should be in by the end of the week. I still want the tube lights in the living room, but I just can't convince her.

=I have to get a care package in the mail this week, or I think I will have a fairly angry Indian on my hands.

=Next time, I will not be slicing the peppers lengthwise.


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