Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Absoultely Springy Kiss Implants

*I had been fairly excited at the thought of seeing the new Iron Man movie. But, the all-out advertising blitz for every remotely associated product under the sun running in an endless loop on every TV channel known to man has served to greatly dull my interest. It all began with an ad for peanut butter cups. I have a hard time trying to think of a more un-Iron Man-like product than peanut butter cups. Air freshener, maybe. Or linseed oil. Heartworm medication is pretty un-Iron Man-like too. Anyway, if nothing else, this whole nauseating wave of ridiculous promotions, placements, and tie-ins will keep me from rushing out to the theater on opening day. Or opening week. Maybe if I watch enough of the commercials, I can get the effect of seeing the movie, and manage to save myself the cost of a theater ticket.

*Amazing how even a brief walk in the woods on a nice spring day can raise one's spirits.

*The adventures in self-re-identification continue Thursday with a field trip to the SSA field office in Elgin. Whoopee. Mind you, I could mail them the form and get my information corrected, but if I chose to do that, I would have to mail them not only my ORIGINAL birth certificate (or a certified copy) but my ORIGINAL driver's license. They won't accept a copy of that. So, I will be dragging my ass out of bed tomorrow at 0730 to head into Elgin in an effort to get all this straightened out. I am also hoping that once I am actually physically there in the flesh they will be a bit more forthcoming with information on just what happened to change my info, and when it was done. Because, given the lengths that I am having to go to correct the information, someone else would have had to do the exact same thing in order to change my info in the first place. So, somewhere is a copy of some documents that some govt employee accepted that are false, but were still close enough looking to real to get past them. Not really a good feeling to know that could be the case. Another option is that someone just made a data entry error somewhere along the line, which is not any more comforting than the first option. And still another option is that someone out there is buying solid gold toilets and bales of cocaine using my name and credit. But, if they are, it has yet to show up on my credit report. Basically I have no idea what to expect out of Thursday morning, nor any real clear idea of what I need to do after that, given the range of possible outcomes. I am thinking that another mai tai is somewhere in my very near future, though.

*I have had no productive studio time in the last 2 days, nor do I see the possibility of any arising in the next couple of days. And in the midst of everything else going on this week, the grocery shopping has not gotten done. Of the two of those, I am more upset about the studio time.

*I am not working this weekend, and the Kane Co Flea market is also happening, but the weather is supposed to be nothing but crap. As much as I enjoy the flea market, a lot of the fun can be removed from it by cold, rainy weather. But that would be on Sunday, most likely. I guess if the weather ends up being that bad I can skip the flea market in favor of going up to the antique stores in Rockford and Roscoe. I need to go take another look at those display cases they had for sale anyway. Saturday morning is for paperwork and the like, as usual. I'd really like to open the lounge Saturday night for whomever would like to drop by, and I just may do that depending on how things go with the SSA on Thursday. And also depending on how much the boss grumbles about the idea. I would enjoy getting in a few games of cards, though. And that mai tai. Which reminds me, I really need to check my bar stock and see what comsumables I need to stock up on.



babbler said...

Dude! I spent some time looking at your blog, it was very enjoyable visiting here. I surf the blogs looking for something interesting, and most of the time I find knitting and scrapbooking and babies and such, but here I have found a very cool video of Blue Man Group (that truly rocked) and alot if interesting ramblings about Vegas, (I liked the Luxor update) and other things....Come on over to Slug's Rest if you are bored and need a blog to read that has nothing to do with weaving. I enjoyed my time here! Thanks,
Mrs. Slug

babbler said...

PS - I have read the book "Confederacy of Dunces" and it is still a fave after all these years!
Mrs. Slug