Thursday, April 8, 2010

The gnomes....They're watching me...

*Even though I have a ton of stuff to do over the next few days, I'm still considering opening up the lounge this evening. Not that doing so would tend to have any greatly negative effect on whatever it was I needed to do, since turnout for such events has been rather low. May just serve as a nice little break in the routine. And maybe I could get a game of cards in somewhere along the way.

*On the turntable: Hall and Oates (Private Eyes), Bill Cosby (Himself), Dr. Hook (Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show), The Tubes (The Completion Backwards Principle), and the Alan Parsons Project (I Robot).

*I really shouldn't just go and wander the aisles at Michael's. Gives me too many ideas for things to do and materials I want to try. But there really is nothing like standing in front of that huge display of paints and just thinking of what you could use all those colors for.

*Back to winter around here, at least as far as the weather goes. Maybe not quite like January, but definitely like late October or mid November. Just crap, in other words. Makes it really hard to try out the recumbent bike I borrowed when riding around makes various parts of your body go numb. At least I don't have to worry that the mower is still in the shop, since the grass is frozen in place.

*Good to hear from Nik again, but conversely, DHawk seems to have gone back under cover. Maybe they're like Batman and Bruce Wayne-you can never see them together, because they're actually the same person.

*Gonna head down Peoria way for a couple of days next week to check in with Mr Crow and see how things are going. Probably just send out a general notice, should anyone else be interested in just hanging out for a bit on a Monday night.

*Gotta dig out the suitcases and do all that other stuff that goes along with taking a trip. It doesn't seem to be logical that it should involve so much work and expense just to spend some time relaxing. Gotta check with the airline to see what we can carry on, if anything. Need to double check the tickets and reservations. Finding the suitcases would be a good idea, too. The list of things that need to be done in order for us to go is quite a bit longer than the list of things for us to do once we actually get there. Again, that just doesn't seem right.

*I carved my name into it, so that means it's done. One more tiki for my portfolio. First carving I've ever done in that type of wood, too. Shame I won't get to see what it will look like once that log is totally dried out. This project was another donation for a fund raising auction. That makes a grand total of 4 pieces that I have released into the wild under that pretense. Even though I don't see any money from it, I'm hoping that it will maybe increase my profile in the general public and possibly net me a few more gigs. If that doesn't sound believable or reasonable, I could just say that I am increasing my skill level and decreasing my overstock of materials.

*Bon Jovi and Kid Rock touring together? Hall and Oates on the road again? I may just have to get out this summer and go see a concert or two.


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