Sunday, April 4, 2010

What Motivates Parsnips?

*On the turntable: Tom Lehrer (An Evening Wasted With), Devo (New Traditionalists), Prince (Around the World In a Day), Van Halen (5150, Diver Down), Hall and Oates( Along the Red Ledge, X-Static)

*KCFM was today, and like a dope I figured that it would probably be a good show. Boy, did I miss the mark on that one. While it wasn't very crowded with buyers, it also wasn't very crowded with dealers. And, once again, it was another show quite barren of tiki items. The only thing I came away with in that regard was a little sterling silver charm bracelet charm. Interesting mostly because it's the second smallest tiki item in my collection. The other things I left with were LP's. Like I really needed more of those. LP's have kind of become like postcards for me in that if I can't find anything I really want at a show, I can always find more LP's and postcards. The one other thing I was interested in was something that was borderline illegal. I probably should have spent the $50 and picked it up, but I didn't. Maybe next show.

*While the in-laws were gone we watched the cat. Apparently when I went to feed the beast and scoop his litter, I closed the basement door. The basement is where the litter box is. The end result? The cat decided to do all his business right in the center of their bed. For two days. One ruined comforter later, and I'm guessing I won't be asked to watch the cat again.

*Listening to Prince really takes me back. Back to the land of Missed Opportunities and What Ifs. Just not somewhere I should be spending as much time as I do. But for now, it's as good a place as any to rhythmically bang my head against the wall.

*Could it be? Has DHawk returned??

*Nothing like those first warm breezes of spring swirling up under your kilt.

*Had heard some good things about the show Glee, so we decided to give it a try on DVD. After 2 discs worth of episodes, the conclusion is that for us it's just meh. I know a lot of the musical references go right past me since I stopped listening to pop music maybe 10 years ago. But even if I put that aside, there's just not much to the show. There are laugh out loud moments, but really not enough of them to make me want to sit and watch more episodes. Not to mention my less than enthusiastic feelings for musicals. So, I guess I will just file this one under "tried it-but don't really care for it".

*Question: Must classic characters be constantly updated in order to keep them in the common mind? This was what I was thinking when the Boss rented "Sherlock Holmes". I was hesitant to watch it, just because I've seen updates of other classics go horribly wrong (ie, "The Day the Earth Stood Still" and "War of the Worlds"). Not to mention I believe there is a TV show that operates along the same lines of the Sherlock Holmes character (at least I think that's the premise of The Mentalist). Anyway, it was all right. There was no real sense of mystery about the whole movie, which was a big part of the Sherlock Holmes stories. It was an action flick with a famous character pasted into it. Now, I understand that Basil Rathbone's portrayal of the character isn't for everyone, and reading the original books is a distant thought for most people. I just never saw Sherlock Holmes as an action hero. That's what made him different. But I also know that kind of thinking doesn't put asses in seats at the movie theaters. Oh, well. For what it is, it's an average action movie that will most likely do nothing to inspire anyone to track down the original works from which it sprang.

*A dimly lit restaurant can be quite a pain when there's something you're trying to look at.

*The first real thunderstorm of the season is going on outside as I write this. I find it much preferable to snow.


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