Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The End of Funky Wallpaper

*Today's iPod random play guilty pleasure: 'Blinded by the Light' by ELO

*I read today that Van Halen was going to be realeasing a new album with DLR as the lead singer, and EVH's son on bass. I had thought that the last time I heard DLR's voice that it had gotten pretty rough, so I'm not sure if this is going to be something I bother to listen to.

*There are times when someone telling you they are, or were, without panties is a form of punishment.

*The question of the day for tomorrow will be whether I go work in the yard, thereby suffering the wrath of the mosquitoes, or if I stay inside in the air conditioning and bore myself to sleep with paperwork. As of now I am still undecided. I could clean out my car a bit, since even I am starting to think that its too dirty inside, but that almost sounds like work.

*Soometimes I just have to wonder what Aquaman would do in this situation.

*The scope and scale of the bar I'm looking to build is coming into shape. I may have even found somewhere online to get bamboo and thatch for the finishing touches. The also have porcupine fish, but I think I'll not tell Sheri that just yet.


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